Meet TOM—

a lifestyle blog with a beach vibe by Jordan Turner

the blonde behind the blog

I started this little corner of the internet back in 2016 driven by my love for writing. I have always been wildly passionate about content marketing and made it my career (twice over). In fact, when I'm not blogging, I work full-time as a senior content marketing manager for a tech start-up in San Francisco, California. For me, blogging has always been a creative outlet to share real, relatable content. I spill the tea, and it's never sugar coated. 

With an unfiltered voice, I share all things fashion, travel, health and wellness, dating (or the lack thereof), beauty, and blogging and career tips. 

I am a firm believer that life is better in a bikini, a Grey's Anatomy fanatic, an ocean-lover, fashion enthusiast, sunset chaser, and a skinny margarita connoisseur. My love language is quality time, and I want nothing more than for you to feel like you're hanging out with your best friend when you read my blog. 

Want to know more? Just ask. I'm an open book.

Thanks for following along— it means the world. 

The Ocean Minded (TOM) is a lifestyle blog with a beach vibe. It's all written, created, and curated in sunny California by me, Jordan Turner.

ASL: 30 years old, female, the greater Sacramento area. 

happy hour after work, takeout, in bed by 10pm

10. Ideal Friday Night?

A. Been surfing

B. Smoked (anything)

C. Traveled alone

D. Gone skinnydipping

Scribble Circle 2

9. Never Have I Ever?

A good book and Maui Babe Browning Lotion

8. must have beach items?

A. Pizza

B. Nachos

C. Pasta

D. Burger

Scribble Circle 2

7. Cheat Meal of Choice?





New York City

The Amalfi Coast

6. Travel Bucket List

A. Fourth of July

B. Christmas

C. Halloween

D. Thanksgiving

Scribble Circle 1

5. Favorite holiday?

Salty  or  Sweet

Scribble Circle 3

4. This or that?

A. A hat

B. Distressed denim

C. A leather jacket

D. Sneakers

Scribble Circle 2

3. Favorite Fashion Staple?

own a swimwear company

2. Dream Job?

all of the above

Scribble Circle 1

A. Rosé

B. Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde Lager

C. Spicy skinny margarita

D. Aperol spritz

E. Other

1. My Go-to drink?

to know