March 10, 2021

Casa De Tom: Mood Boards

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If you’re new here: I bought my first home. If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I drive by said home (which is mostly dirt at this point) at least three times a week to check the progress. Up until about a week ago, they hadn’t done anything (and I mean anything) to the lot. However, I am thrilled to report that they have officially broken ground and begun work. With a new build (in my particular community), you’re able to choose nearly everything from the exterior finish down to interior designs. And can I just say: as a girl who can barely commit to a nail polish color, I applaud anyone who can dream up a custom build home from scratch. I am overwhelmed simply from picking paint, I can’t image choosing the layout, too.

All that to say, the day has come that I need to start making decisions— countertops, pull handles, tile, electrical and such. Like, literally today. I had my first meeting with the design center this morning to pick the initial round of interior upgrades. Consequently, I have been living on Pinterest. How people designed homes and made interior design decisions before Pinterest is beyond me. I wanted to be prepared for my meetings with the design center, so made a couple of mood boards to help move things along.

Not that anyone cares, but I am sharing my mood board and inspiration here. Mostly so I can reference it again later. Click the plus signs to shop the photo, if you feel ever so inclined.




xx, jordan


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