August 19, 2020

I Went All In For Six Weeks— Here’s What Happened

I’ve talked about this before, but I kinda let myself go in 2019. We can blame it on the asthma, or the pure lack of motivation, but either way I gained just north of 15 pounds last year. And I hated myself for it. Not just because of the way I looked, but because of how I felt— lethargic, lazy, bloated, and overall very unhealthy. Happy hour with my coworkers took priority over Orangetheory, and what I thought was as a healthy diet, wasn’t. My mindset was, “I’ve gained weight anyway, so I might as well eat Taco Bell.” It became a vicious cycle, and I lost control.

I had heard about All In by Teddi Mellencamp last fall on a podcast I listen to religiously: Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad. The co-host, Tanya, joined the program and lost 16 pounds. She raved about how it changed her life. It had always been in the back of my mind, but the program isn’t cheap, so I never actually considered biting the bullet. Fast forward to quarantine. The gyms closed, I started drinking wine on a nightly basis, and I was snacking a lot more now that my office space was set up within walking distance of the kitchen. I wasn’t necessarily gaining the quarantine 15, but I wasn’t losing anything either. I left any ounce of motivation I had to workout in the gyms that had closed indefinitely. By my 30th birthday in May, I knew something had to change.

At the beginning of June, I decided to invest in myself and go All In. All In by Teddi Mellencamp is an accountability program. You are assigned an accountability coach, given a meal plan, and are required to weigh in and send proof of 60 minutes of cardio seven days a week. Your coach is with you every step of the way, checking in with you at every meal, and motivating you to be the best version of yourself. You have to send them a picture of the scale every morning, every meal, every snack, and a screenshot of proof of cardio every. single. day. It’s a lot, but it’s what you’re paying for. They’re not dietitians, doctors, or personal trainers, they’re simply there to give you the tools to live a healthier lifestyle and hold you accountable to do so. It’s not for everyone, but it was exactly what I needed. I know how to lose weight, I just needed someone to push me to do it.

The jumpstart

I was starting All In just 10 days after getting my wisdom teeth removed. If you follow me on the ‘gram you know that my wisdom teeth were a total nightmare. I had two dry sockets, and barely ate anything for two weeks, so naturally I lost 5 pounds. This worked to my advantage with the All In jumpstart because my stomach had already shrunk, and my mouth was still sore, which meant I couldn’t go rogue in the kitchen even if I wanted to.

The jumpstart is a lot like a detox: minimal food options and zero alcohol for 14 days. But it works. I lost 6.2 pounds in 2 weeks.

My jumpstart happened to fall over 4th of July weekend, which was tough. It is extremely hard to be around friends indulging in a cocktail and chips while you’re pretending to enjoy unsweetened applesauce. I got really bored with the food options, and making an hour of cardio a priority everyday was an adjustment, but I stuck to it. I was committed. After just two weeks I felt significantly better. I never felt like I was starving myself, my body was getting the fuel it needed, but I felt lighter. And I liked it. I had a lot less bloating (the proof is in the pictures), and a lot more energy.

For inquiring minds, the first two week jumpstart cost me $599— and it was worth every damn penny.

Two week jumpstart before and after

The monthly plan

After the two week jumpstart, you have the option to continue on with the monthly plan in four week increments (but you don’t have to). Insert: my next (and final) four weeks. I had always planned to stick with the program for at least six weeks— the two week jumpstart plus an additional month— or as long as it took me to reach my initial goal. Luckily, I hit my goal right on the head at week six, which I why I decided to transition out.

The monthly plan gets a lot more flexible in terms of the things you can eat, and drink (yes, I’m talking about booze). You get one flex meal each week in the monthly plan which allows you to indulge a bit, with a two drink maximum. This makes it easier to have a social life, or in my case, date. But because you start incorporating more into your diet, the weight-loss slows down. I lost about 1.5 pounds a week during these remaining four weeks, so a little over five pounds total in the monthly plan.

In my opinion, the monthly plan is where it becomes less of a burden and more of a lifestyle change. This is where you really figure out if it’s something attainable long term. Incorporating an hour of cardio into my day became a habit instead of something I was dreading, and eventually I was able to make it a priority without my coach reminding me. Said cardio can be a run, a walk, a combination of both, cycling, swimming laps, kickboxing, a HIIT workout, or really anything that gets your heart rate going— so it’s not like you have to go hard and run 10 miles every single day. You can mix it up and do what works best for you.

My body has always thrived off of cardio. Specifically, running. So getting back into a habit of running multiple times a week was a game changer for me.

I paid $399 total for these four weeks.

Week 1-Week 6 Progress picture

Final thoughts

For years, I had been feeling bloated without knowing it was something within my control to change. After just two weeks All In, I felt significantly better. My gut felt healthier, my legs and lungs felt stronger after months of struggling to run anything more than one mile, and my energy levels bounced back. It was a total 180.

I chose going All In instead of a quick and free fad-diet because I wanted something attainable that I could adopt and maintain on my own. I wanted it to be something that would be a good fit with my lifestyle, and a program that I wouldn’t immediately fall off the wagon as soon as I stopped forking out the money. All In changed my life, but not just because I lost 11 pounds. It changed the way I looked at food, working out, and prioritizing myself. It helped me to see food as fuel, not comfort. I was definitely overeating before the program, for no reason other than that I could. It made me realize that working out can be a priority without being a chore. And it helped me fall in love with running again.

I got a lot of questions about the scale, and how it affected my mental health. True, weighing yourself everyday can be daunting. But I’m someone who stepped on the scale on a daily basis long before going All In, so it’s something I was used to. For me, it’s less about beating myself up over the number, and more about checking in with my body, what’s working and what’s not. I’m someone whose weight fluctuates a lot. I can easily gain five pounds in one weekend, and lose it two days later. If you gain weight on the program the coaches don’t make you feel bad about it, but it’s a way for them to know if something you’re eating isn’t sitting well with your body (or if you’re cheating and eating hot Cheetos instead of cucumber).

Moving out of the program I plan to maintain things on my own. I have lost 16 pounds since June 19— a combination of wisdom teeth hell and going All In— but still have about five more pounds I want to lose. I will continue to weigh myself every morning, stick to the meal plan Monday-Friday, and keep up with the daily cardio seven days a week. The hardest part of the program for me was sticking to a meal plan, and eating schedule, in social settings. That said, I will give myself the grace to be flexible if I have plans or am traveling. At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, it’s not likely I will limit myself to two drinks a week moving forward. I have to live, you know?

Sure, $1000 for six weeks is no small change, but it’s the best investment I ever made. Feeling confident again is priceless. At the end of the day, you’re either all in or you’re all out. In my honest opinion, it’s not worth the money if you can’t fully commit to the program. But if you can, I promise you won’t regret it.

My DMs are open if you have any additional questions!

Final before and after picture

xx, jordan


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