June 22, 2020

How To: A Messy, Romantic “couchella” Braid

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I’ve always been enamored with bohemian hairstyles. A romantically-messy boho braid? Goals. That said, I have never been able to achieve said Pinterest-worthy styles— not for a lack of trying though. 

Unfortunately I didn’t inherit my mom’s thick hair. Instead, I’m stuck with a long, thin mop which makes chunky braids and fancy ponies few and far between. A devastating blow for a bohemian gal at heart. 

Lucky for me, the hair industry is committed to creating countless hacks (products) to smooth, lengthen, clean, thicken, and texturize your hair. Can I get an amen for dry shampoo and texturizing spray? Plus, I have nothing but time right now to practice. And since I have more free time than I normally would, one of my goals while I’m at home is to master a few new hairstyles (i.e. learning fishtail braids, experimenting with chunky braids, trying the infamous TikTok heatless curls, etc.).

So, since I was determined to learn a cool hairstyle that I could rock for an effortlessly-chic look both around the house and at the next music festival (whenever that may be), I summoned my oober talented hair Goddess friend, Emma Woods (seriously, peep her ‘gram). Together we came up with an easy, loose but put together bohemian braid— a “couchella” braid, if you will. And she’s teaching us how to do it so we can all recreate the look at home (hair rings optional).

So, grab the dry shampoo and let’s get started.

First, we used the dry shampoo to add some volume and texture to my hair. My hair was clean, but this helped add some dimension and texture so that the braids didn’t look thin and limp. Texturizing spray would also work here.

Step 1: Pull a section from the crown of your head, like you would for a half-up-half-down (but smaller), and make your first braid. 

Pro tip: Use a crimper to crimp the sections that you plan to braid to add a little more texture to it. This is a good alternative if you have thinner hair, and don’t want to tease it. 

Step 2: Pull a new section from each side and make a new braid on each. Tie the side braids off with a rubber band and then combine them with the original braid by braiding them together. 

Step 3: Using your hands or a comb, pull at the braids to loosen them up making them appear thicker. 

Step 4: Curl, wave, or crimp the bottom layer of hair that was left down out of the braids. We curled with a straightener for a more undone wave. 

Step 5: If you’re going to a music festival, you may want to add a few smaller braids to the hair that is down and curled. A little grunge edge, ya know?

Step 6: Accessorize! We added gold hair rings throughout the braids, and two seashell clips to the left side of my hair near the crown. 

When we were happy with the braids, ring and pin placements, and curls, we used a light hair spray to finish the ‘do. Something that offers a firm hold without making your hair crunchy (because no one has time for that) is key here.

And that’s all there is to it!

Peep my IGTV for a full video on the hairstyle.

xx, jordan


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