May 27, 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Self-care With Ogx

Let’s talk self-care. I think self-care means something different for everyone. It can be running five miles, unplugging and watching an episode of your favorite show, or taking some time to pamper yourself. For me, self-care has always been about the latter. Dedicating an hour or two each week to take care of myself and freshen up. This could literally be anything: a manicure, facial (or full body, because why not) massage, a blow-out, a face or hair mask, exfoliating and shaving in the shower, or self-tanning. It’s time that I devote to myself and my mental and physical well-being. 

Now more than ever, I’m committed to spending all of my free time on self-care. The silver lining being at home is that I can allow time for my skin and hair to breathe. Six months ago, I was bouncing around from workouts to work, to dates, events, or photoshoots—and my skin and hair were paying the price. Now that life has slowed down—for better or worse—I am able to redirect my focus to my haircare and skincare needs. Welcome to The Ocean Minded spa. 

If you’re anything like me, and need a beauty reset every once in a while, here’s my ultimate guide to self-care while at home.

Washing my hair less

First thing’s first: break up with your shampoo. Whether you believe it or not, the less you wash your hair the better (seriously, look it up). If you train your hair to produce less scalp oil, AKA sebum, your hair will stay shiny, moisturized, and healthy longer. Which means, you guessed it, less greasy. And now’s the time to throw your hair washing schedule in the trash. Under normal circumstances, I probably only wash my hair once or twice a week, but lately I’ve noticed myself stretching it out even longer. I’m talking 7-10 days without getting so much as a drop of water on my mane. It’s been great, but not without dry shampoo to hold me over between washes.

I’ve been loving the OGX Argan Oil Moroccan Dry Shampoo. It smells amazing, and doesn’t leave any excess residue in my hair, which is key. Sure, I’m not seeing anyone right now, but I still have to look in the mirror. The OGX dry shampoo helps me feel more put together on days when I feel like my hair is falling apart. 

Exfoliating more

I have keratosis pilaris. If you’re unfamiliar (lucky you), they’re tiny bumps around the hair follicles on the back of my arms and on my legs. They’re very minor bumps, and harmless, but super annoying if you’re trying to achieve smooth skin. Because of this, I try to exfoliate more often as part of my self-care routine. Depending on my level of laziness, I switch off between dry brushing and an in-shower scrub. In my opinion, dry brushing is great, but very high maintenance. It takes about 15-20 minutes, and you do it dry (obviously), before you get in the shower. That said, I generally opt for a body wash that acts as an exfoliant. A twofer, ya know?

As of late, I’ve been reaching for my OGX Pink Sea Salt & Rose Water Body Scrub & Wash. It’s a light exfoliator, so it’s not too aggressive to use everyday, which I love. There’s nothing worse than an exfoliator that irritates your skin. It’s also super hydrating, so I feel good about using it before I apply a new layer of self-tanner. Did I mention it smells amazing?!


We love a good mask. Regardless of whether it’s a face mask or a hair mask, it’s hands down my favorite self-care activity. There’s just something satisfying about throwing on a mask and watching a show on Netflix, while it works its magic—the ultimate R&R, in my opinion.

I have naturally fine hair that I manipulate to be bleach blonde, and if you know hair, you know that’s a recipe for disaster. I’m not willing to compromise my color, so in an effort to salvage my gold locks, I’ve been trying to avoid heat whenever possible while at home. That means instead of a blow-out, I’m grabbing a hair mask and letting my hair air dry. 

The OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Hair Mask is a quick 3-5 minute mask that you apply to damp hair and then rinse out. It makes my hair feel so soft and repaired, so naturally I’m a fan. Also, I get major Hawaiian vibes from the coconut, which is a major yes for me. 

This post is sponsored by OGX, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

xx, jordan


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