April 14, 2020

How I’m Social Distancing And Staying Sane

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Here’s a hot topic: quarantine. I could go on a whole 3,000 word rant about California’s Shelter in Place. Mostly, how it irks my pickle that people think they’re exempt from the order. Just. Stay. Home. (insert eyeroll emoji here)

Okay, just grant me this 100 word rant, and then we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled program. It is so incredibly frustrating that people are so selfish they can’t even stay inside their own home (beyond the essentials, or work) for six weeks for the greater good of the country. I’m an extrovert, and I thrive on human interaction. Of course I wanted to spend Easter with my family, go on dates or see a guy I’m interested in, workout with my classes, create content with my photographer, and celebrate my 30th birthday with someone other than the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. But guess what: I’m. Staying. Home. I assure you, if I can do it, so can you. Stop being selfish. K? Thanks.

Now, back to the purpose of this blog. Whether you’re acknowledging it or not, we’re supposed to be social distancing. That means you shouldn’t be seeing anyone outside of your immediate household. I have barely left our apartment since March 16, and I’m hanging onto my sanity by a thread. But I’m surviving. 

Here are 10 ways I’m embracing social distancing and staying sane.

1) Focusing on skincare. Since I’m not wearing much makeup these days, waking up and doing a face mask or skincare treatment helps me feel more put together. It’s been fun trying new skincare brands and products, and my skin is really thanking me for the much needed time to breathe. 

2) Communicating more. I have found that I am reaching out to my friends and family more than when life was going a million miles per minute. Even though I can’t see them, it’s nice being able to check-in and catch up. I still miss them everyday, but communication helps me feel more connected. 

3) An hour on the trail each day. I will be forever grateful for the beautiful trails in Northern California. Being able to get some fresh air for an hour each day to walk, or run, or both, has been a game changer. People on the trail are really respectful of your space, but almost everyone smiles and waves, which helps me feel less alone in all of this. It’s the closest I’ll get to a workout class, and I’ll take what I can get. 

4) To-do lists on the weekend. Even though I don’t have places to go, or people to see, I still have shit to do. I’ve never been good at “lazy”, so I try to fill my weekends with things I’ve been putting off. Whether it’s trying a new recipe, organizing a closet, doing a new workout video, finishing a campaign, or trying a new hairstyle, creating a to-do list (or bucket list) for the weekend helps me feel accomplished and structured. 

5) Blogging, a lot. I realize not everyone has a hobby as time consuming as blogging, but being able to write and create content (even if it’s within the four walls of my bedroom) has been a very necessary creative outlet. When Netflix hits me with a “are you still watching”, I turn on some music, light a candle, and start writing. 

6) Virtual happy hours. Wow, I have been doing so many virtual happy hours. I used to hate video calls (i.e. FaceTime), but quarantine has really turned me into a Zoom enthusiast. Every weekend I have some sort of virtual happy hour planned whether it’s the last hour of work on a Friday with the marketing team, a Thursday game-night with my work friends, or a five hour virtual party with my besties. We drink, we play games, we laugh, and it almost feels like I’m with them IRL (in real life, for the older generation reading this).  

7) Dedicating more time to my work. I am so thankful that I am able to work from home during this pandemic. My day job keeps me busy and helps me maintain some sort of normalcy Monday through Friday, which helps the days go by quicker. After hours, I stay busy with all of the admin work for The Ocean Minded. My heart goes out to anyone who has been laid off, or is temporarily out of work.

8) Soaking up the slow mornings. A normal weekend for me is waking up at 7am (or earlier) and bopping off to the airport, or an event, or a photoshoot. It’s been nice being able to sleep in until 9am, drinking my coffee in bed while reading or watching Gilmore Girls. I’ve really been soaking up the slow, easy mornings, and I suggest you do the same.

9) Sweating at least four times a week. I’ll be the first to admit that working out at home isn’t nearly the same as working out in a kickboxing, Barry’s, or Orangetheory class. I’ve never been a fan of at-home work out videos, but I’m trying to make the most of it. Sweating, and moving, for 30-40 minutes each morning really helps shift my mood. 

10) Allowing myself to feel what I need to feel. Let me be clear: I’m not without anxiety. This has been extremely hard for me, and I’ve been on a teeter totter of emotions. One day I’m stressed and defeated, the next I’m thankful and motivated. I give myself the grace to feel what I need to feel, cry when I need to cry, and vent when I need to vent— and that’s key. It’s okay to not be okay. 

xx, jordan


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