January 7, 2020

Setting My Goals For 2020 Was Different Than Previous Years—here’s How

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Here’s a quick recap of my adult life to date: I stayed at a job for nearly 6 years where I was underpaid, with little room for growth, and I didn’t care. I was comfortable. I knew I could do bigger things, but had no intentions of moving on anytime soon. As fate would have it, the company made my decision for me and I was laid off in January 2019.

Prior to being laid off I had never been overly career driven. And I definitely couldn’t relate to the “Girl Boss” hype. I always imagined being a stay at home mom when it came down to it, so to me a job was just a means to an end, and it was temporary. I was just skating by for a paycheck, ya know? However, when I lost my job, I had to reevaluate things. I’m single, and not getting married in the foreseeable future, so my dreams of being a stay at home mom had to be tucked away. Last year I was forced outside of my comfort zone, and it changed the way I saw myself and how I looked at my career. All of the sudden my career became one of my priorities.

The chaos that followed made me appreciate the hustle. And hustle I did.

In 2019 I learned the value of (really) hard work. I started a new, demanding job, all while building and maintaining my personal brand and taking on contract work. It was a lot to adjust to, and consumed the majority of my free time, but I didn’t mind. Working so much required me to prioritize my time, acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, and it taught me what it takes to be successful. And after years of being complacent, I was actually seeing a lot of success. And that motivated me.

Seeing what I was capable of achieving with a little hustle and heart inspired me to be better. It made me want more for myself and more in my career.

I always set resolutions and make goals for the new year, but this year was different. Often times my resolutions tend to be out of obligation, with no real intention to back them up. What’s different about 2020 is that there is a lot more passion, and drive, behind my goals. And that excites me.

I have never gone into a new year more inspired and determined than I am right now. I have big plans financially, personally, as a blogger, as a brand, and as an employee. I’m surrounded by successful bloggers and influencers, friends who are starting their own businesses, and bosses with skills that make me want to try harder and work smarter. This fire is new to me, so it’s a little weird. It could last 6 months, or it could last the rest of my life— who’s to say— but I’m excited for what’s next.

So, this year, I am going into 2020 with a crystal clear vision (20/20 vision, ya feel me?).

xx, jordan


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