January 1, 2020

20/20 Vision: My Goals For The New Year

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Name something better than looking back at the past year on December 31 and thinking, “man, I crushed it”. Without tooting my own horn (toot toot), I crushed it in 2019. That feeling, knowing that you did your best to maintain your resolutions and achieve your goals, is why I write them down. Sure, most of you probably don’t care about my personal resolutions, but writing them down in a blog post for reference throughout the year helps hold me accountable. It’s also insanely rewarding to look back at the end of the year and see how I did (assuming I held up my end of the bargain). Plus, let’s be real, if I didn’t document it I’d likely forget about them come February.

So, like clockwork, the start of the new year comes with a whole new set of resolutions. Here are my 2020 goals, in no particular order.

Save more, spend less — In 2019 I set a goal to save $7,000 and rounded out the year short at $5,500. Not too shabby for being unemployed for the first half of the year. That said, I feel more financially stable (and responsible) than I’ve ever been going in to 2020 and I really want to focus on spending less and plunking away more. My goal for this year is to end the year with at least $15,000 in my savings— which means an extra $10,000. Can I do it? Check back in December.

Open a new line of credit — Speaking of money, I want to open up a new line of credit. Historically, I haven’t had the best luck with credit cards (meaning I maxed them out and royally screwed my credit). So in the last 4 years I’ve tried to avoid them at all costs (pun intended). But now that I am more responsible with my spending, and back on track, I want a credit card with travel perks that will help me improve my credit and add some stamps in my passport. Any suggestions? Drop me a line.

Give The Ocean Minded a facelift — It’s been a minute since I’ve invested in theoceanminded.com (my blog). This year I really want to focus on building out my brand, and business, and that includes my Instagram, website, and everything in between. I’ve been bored with my content lately, and am hoping 2020 will bring a refresh of sorts. At the top of my list is to revamp my entire website. I want something a little more sophisticated and timeless, but something that embodies the vibe of my blog, too. Now accepting web designer applications.

Get better about my skincare regimen — For a while, I was getting facials every 4-5 weeks and was really good about keeping up with my at-home routine in between appointments. For some reason when I moved, I got off track. In 2020 I want to be better about my skincare regimen. That means drinking more water, using more serums, committing to regular facials, and using my Lightstim more frequently. Nobody wants wrinkles in the new decade, am I right?

Hit 35,000 followers on Instagram — If I’m being honest, my initial goal was to hit 50,000 followers on the ‘gram, but I figured I should set the bar at something a little more attainable. I think growing to 35,000 followers in 12 months is a fair goal. I don’t know where this tiny corner of the Internet will take me in 2020, but I have big dreams.

Get a promotion — By now, you all know that I have a 9-5 job. In October of 2019 my boss quit and instead of backfilling her position they passed on all of her responsibilities to me (in addition to my own). Not unheard of in a start-up. We’re scrappy, and people are always going beyond the perimeters of their job description. That said, one of my big goals for Q1 this year is to get a promotion (a raise and title change). Wish me luck.

Continue to put myself out there — Last year I said that I wanted to “find the one”. My soulmate. Husband. Forever partner. And with those high standards, I found myself putting too much pressure on the dates. This year, I want to continue to put myself out there and be open to the possibility of love, but with fewer expectations. On the same coin, I don’t want to limit myself to just finding love. I want to open myself up to networking and meeting more like-minded people, too. The more the merrier in 2020.

Commit to working out 5 days a week — Lately, I’ve been trying to work out 4-5 days a week and I hope to keep that momentum going in the new year. My workouts currently consist of a combination of Orange Theory, kickboxing, running, and Pilates. Instead of setting a goal to lose weight, I want to commit to working out 5 days a week and just living an overall healthier lifestyle. Who’s with me?

Research a new business venture — I have a big idea for a new business venture (top secret for now), and while I don’t see myself launching the company in 2020, I want to start cracking down on some initial research. Things like cost, licensing, sourcing, etc. That way, when I am ready to make my dream a reality, I’ll be much more educated and prepared.

Figure out my next move — We just renewed our lease for another 12 months in the East Bay Area, but I think I’m ready for a big move in 2021. My top three options right now would be to relocate in the East Bay Area, move to San Francisco, or make the leap to Southern California. My goal for 2020 is to do more research on job opportunities, cost of living, and the pros and cons of each location. I have no idea where the next year will take me, but I’m ready for a change.

xx, jordan


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