November 20, 2019

San Francisco Pizza Tour: The Best Places Ranked

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Sure, it’s not Chicago or New York, but San Francisco is home to some of the best pizza ever. Seriously, if you’ve never been to North Beach for a cheesy pie you’re missing out. If you ask a local, my bet is that they’ll recommended at least five famous Italian restaurants that you need to try during your visit. And up until this month, I had only tried one of them.

My roommate (and best friend) is a big foodie. For a couple of years now she has been talking about doing a pizza tour— which is something she made up— in San Francisco. The pizza tour would basically require us to commit a full day to restaurant hopping to try 4-6 of the most highly recommended pizza joints in the city. So, after nearly 800 days of talking about it, we actually did the damn thing. And wow, holy yum.

Based on Instagram finds, Yelp reviews, and recommendations from friends, we narrowed it down to what we thought to be the top five pizza restaurants in San Francisco. Who made the list? Delarosa, IL Casaro Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar, Golden Boy, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, and Capo’s. Each place wildly popular in San Francisco, and each known for their own unique twist on everyone’s favorite classic.

So, read on to see where we went and which places have a pizza our hearts (see what I did there?).

+ Delarosa — I wanted to like this place more because they’re opening another location close to our apartment, but it wasn’t the best of the day. Don’t get me wrong, the spicy burrata Margherita pizza was good, but it came out a little cold which swayed our votes. I’d definitely give it another chance because their chili oil is a game changer.

Group average rating: 6.74

+ IL Casaro Pizzeria and Mozzarella Bar — This was probably the best Margherita pizza of the day, which is to be expected considering they’re known for their mozzarella bar. My only complaint was that their chili oil was sub par compared to Delarosa and they were fresh out of Peroni beers.

Group average rating: 7.82

+ Golden Boy — Golden Boy is known for their garlic and clam pie (barf), and came highly recommended from a coworker who used to work as a chef. I really enjoyed this pizza, but the crust was significantly thicker than the other pizza we tried. This style of pizza in general is a lot different from the other well-known pizzerias in the city, but if you enjoy a good crust (carbs), it’s worth a stop. It’s a walk-up window, so it’s super convenient to order and go. Try it and let me know what you think.

Group average rating: 7.22

+ Tony’s Pizza Napoletana — Okay, Tony’s just wins at life. If you’ve never been, drop everything and go as soon as possible. We had all been to Tony’s before, but added it to the list so we could see how it stacked up against the other stops. The verdict: it’s the best, ever. Hands down. A crowd favorite that never fails. You get the point. The restaurant is always slammed, so if you can’t snag a table, at least stop by the slice house next door and get a slice to go.

Average group rating: 8.6

+ Capo’s — Capo’s is Chicago-style deep dish, and is supposedly some of the best deep dish pizza on the west coast. That said, we never made it here. Sadly we had to tap out after four pizzerias due to the time and full bellies. So, the ruling is still out on this one— TBD.

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