October 29, 2019

Two Easy Diy Halloween Costumes With Things Already In Your Closet

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If you know me, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. While I don’t jump with joy for scary movies, I love all things pumpkins, angsty teen vampire series, costumes, and Halloween decor. It’s just my favorite (ever). That said, last year I really dropped the ball. I didn’t do anything to celebrate the holiday, therefore I didn’t dress up. Not only was it a hallo-Queen fail, it was a major blog fail. I mean, are you even a blogger if you don’t post a creative costume for Halloween? Who’s to say.

Regardless, this year I was determined to overcompensate for 2018’s missed opportunities. So, I dressed up six times (yep, six).

Aside from my easy, creepy Halloween makeup (zombie and Beetle Juice), I committed to one major costume (coming soon), a work-appropriate costume, and two easy do-it-yourself costumes that could be thrown together with things already in your closet. The result?

A vampire and a moon.


I just binged The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, so was feeling very vampy (is that a thing?) this year. Regardless of whether or not it will attract the Salvatore brothers, it was extremely easy to put together. It’s no wonder so many people opt for vampire costumes in a pinch.

What you’ll need

+ Black lace bodysuit (I actually wore lingerie because it’s what I had on hand)

+ Black pleather pants

+ Black feathered heels (the feathers reminded me of crows, so it seemed fitting for this)

+ A black faux fur jacket or shawl

+ Chunky gold jewelry

+ Fake blood

+ Vampire teeth (obviously)

+ Red contact lenses

+ Dark red lipstick (I used Diva by Mac)

A moon

It was between this and a shooting star, but a moon felt easier, so here we are. The hardest part of this costume was DIY’ing the headpiece, but you could also buy one off of Amazon or Etsy.

What you’ll need

+ A white or silver satin slip dress

+ Silver heels

+ Silver face paint

+ Silver and gold glitter and/or confetti (for photos, or to throw at people at the Halloween party)

For the headpiece

Cut a moon shape out of your card stock, and embellish with sequins, glitter, pearls, and a moon pendant (if you want). Glue the moon to your headband, and voila.

What you’ll need

+ A headband (either elastic, plastic, or metal) — I chose a metal one with stars on it

+ Metallic silver card stock

+ Silver star-shaped sequins

+ Silver and gold glitter

+ A moon pendant

+ A hot glue gun

xx, jordan


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