September 12, 2019

Transitioning Your Summer Staples Into Fall

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I am perpetually torn between needing summer to last forever, and wanting fall to start sooner. I mean, bikinis are life, but sweater weather is just so dang cozy.

Here in California, we don’t start to experience cool weather until late-October, so transitioning summer staples into fall fashion is especially important. Why? One word: layers. It can feel like a frozen tundra in the morning, only to heat up to 85-degrees in the afternoon. It’s extremely bipolar, which makes getting dressed for the day difficult.

That said, I love hanging on to my lighter summer pieces and incorporating them in with fall trends at the beginning of the season. Here are three easy hacks.

1) Layer a light, short sleeve (or sleeveless) shirt under your new fall jacket.

Every morning I walk one mile to the train, which I take in to San Francisco. This means I am generally dripping sweat by the time that I get on said train, and shivering by the time I get off in the city. If I wear a thin shirt to keep cool on the walk(s), it’s not enough for the foggy city chill. On the same coin, if I opt for a sweater, I am overheating by the time I get into the office. My solution? An extremely breezy tank or shirt, with a nice jacket in tow.

As the season starts to change, I have been wearing t-shirts or tank tops on my walk, with a thicker jacket to throw on once I get in to San Francisco. Since the weather is unpredictable, I try to be prepared for any climate twists with the appropriate layers.

I love transitioning my graphic tanks over to fall by pairing them with new jackets. Another go-to is wearing a cute sleeveless bodysuit with a leather jacket. Yes, please.

2) Pair your new sweater with a light skirt, or shorts.

One of my favorite looks for early fall is pairing a chunky sweater with short skirts or denim shorts. You’ll see this a lot in California. It’s such an easy way to incorporate seasonal pieces without suffering from heatstroke in full length denim.

Some of my favorite styles this season are printed (snakeskin) mini skirts, breezy midi skirts, mini leather skirts, or my high-waisted Levi’s cutoffs worn with a knit sweater. You can wear any of the above with your favorite tennis shoes, booties, or mules for an easy California-cool look.

3) Style your neutral, open-toe shoes with a fall statement piece.

Some people will throw shade at your open-toe shoes after Labor Day Weekend, but I’m here for it. Assuming they are neutral, of course. I have two pairs of strappy, heeled sandals that I fully intend to carry over into the fall season. The key here is to mix them with something that feels like more of a fall statement, rather than a summer piece.

Take these black heeled sandals, for example. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these with a dress in fall, but I feel like they work well with a band tee, denim, a hat and an autumn coat. I wore a similar outfit with different open-toe heels, a graphic tee, and a linen blazer. While bits and pieces of summer lingered, the outfit as a whole transitioned well into fall (in my opinion).

These (simple) hacks help fashion-enthusiasts explore a fall wardrobe even if the weather isn’t permitting. Enjoy!

xx, jordan


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