July 5, 2019

I’m Spilling The Tea On Blogger Trips

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I bet a lot of you are wondering how bloggers travel so much. It seems like some influencers take a trip a month (if not more), and it just doesn’t seem feasible. Like, how? Do they really make that much money by linking their mediocre outfits? Are these trips for free or are they paying out of pocket? So. Many. Questions.

I can’t speak for other bloggers, but I can speak from personal experience (I only have 15,000 followers, I’m a nobody, so take this with a grain of salt). I’ve been fortunate enough to go on four blogging trips in the past year, all of which have had similar accommodations. What generally happens is we decide that we want to go somewhere (take Chicago for example), and we’ll spam the hotels’ marketing contacts with media kits and pitches. Let’s say we email 10-20 hotels asking for them to host us for a weekend, maybe four will get back to us. Out of those four, we weigh the options and see which hotel can offer us the best accommodations in exchange for our deliverables (blog posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, etc.).

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this: while the perks are glamorous, it takes a lot of hustle to get us there. We plot, plan, reach out, and follow through to secure these trips.

Most hotels will offer free nights, maybe throw in some complimentary drinks at the lobby bar and a cabana by the pool, and stock the hotel room with some snacks and beverages. However, I have never had my flight paid for. In most cases (there are exceptions, of course), bloggers are paying for their travel to and from the destination. So while it’s great to have a place to stay, we’re still responsible for airfare and expenses (food) once we get to wherever we’re going.

That being said, this year’s trip to Palm Springs was a bit different. It was our second summer working with Acme House Company, and they really went above and beyond. True, we had to pay for our travel (I drove), but they took care of everything else. And I mean everything. This year we had two amazing houses– The Kirk Douglas and For The Record– and nine girls. We spent the days shooting content, lounging by the pool with our rosé, and soaking it all in.

They hooked us up with the yummiest brunch at Broken Yolk Cafe on Friday, and then spoiled us with an in-house cocktail hour and chef on Friday night. They had bagels delivered Saturday morning, Babe’s Bar-B-Que catered at the house for lunch, and treated us to a private dinner at Eight4Nine Saturday night. We felt like blogging royalty, to be honest. It’s rare that a company will feed you throughout your entire trip, but that’s what makes Acme so great, they really know how to treat their guests.

Acme has a handful of houses throughout the Palm Springs area available for rent, and none of them disappoint. I can’t wait to visit them again, but I’ve already got my eyes on the next blogging trip: Miami freakin’ Swim Week.

xx, jordan


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