April 1, 2019

My Amazon Ride-or-dies

Whenever I’m on the hunt for something, Amazon is my go-to one-stop-shop. You just can’t beat that Prime shipping, ya know? Organization bins? Amazon. Round rattan cross-body? Amazon. Coffee table books? Amazon. Lip mask? Amazon. Lack of Color hat? Amazon.

My point here is that over the years, I’ve found some real gems from good ol’ Amazon. From groceries to night lights and everything in between. So naturally, I had to share some of my ride-or-dies with you.

+ Hand frother — My roommate is really boujee about her frothed coffee, and even she approves of this $3 contraption. I ordered this to mix my collagen protein in to my coffees in the morning, and ended up living for the froth.

+ Pink Himalayan salt nightlights — It’s no secret I’ve been dealing with respiratory issues, and have been trying to find at-home, natural remedies to ease some of the symptoms. Pink Himalayan salt lamps have a plethora of benefits (Google it), but they’re kind of aggressive and didn’t mesh with my decor. The solution? Two pink Himalayan salt nightlights for $18.

+ GG crackers — Some people think they taste like cardboard, I think they’re a great bread or cracker substitute. I get a pack of three for $10.

+ Avene cold cream lip cream — This lip balm is my most favorite ever. It’s a bit steep at $13 a pop, but feels like velvet on your lips and is so worth it.

+ Ice roller — Everyone needs an ice roller in their life (swear), and you can snag one for $12 on Amazon.

+ Reusable K-Cups — I love my Keurig, but don’t love paying $10 for a box of 12 K-Cups. Instead, we use a reusable cup and fill it with our own coffee. Economically and environmentally friendly, ya know?

+ Glass straws — Save the sea turtles, people. In my opinion, paper straws suck, metal straws are weird for your teeth, and silicone straws look like they belong to a five year old. The answer: glass straws for $8.

+ Laneige lip mask — Believe the hype, this mask is a must-have. Get it on Amazon for under $15.

+ Tripod — My old tripod is being held captive in Austin, TX but I feel like I upgraded anyway. It’s $15, brass-colored, and chic AF. I’ve been using it a lot more for blog pictures, which earned it a spot on my ride-or-die list.

+ Lens wipes — I. Use. These. For. Everything. They’re safe and perfect for my camera lens, phone screen, laptop screen, my phone camera lens, sunglasses, regular glasses, etc. Only $7 for a box of 60— score.

+ Gel polish — First of all, I highly recommend bringing your own nail polish to the nail salon for a longer lasting mani/pedi. Second, I highly recommend this pale pink color if you like compliments ($15 and worth every penny).

+ Scarves — Did you see my blog post on five ways to style a satin scarf? If not, check it out and then buy your own for a measly price of $7.

+ Gel eye mask — Holy life saver. You need this gel eye mask for hangover emergencies, allergies, or regular old headaches.

+ Plastic organizers — I use these in my bathroom to organize my makeup and hair wear, and they just make me feel so much better about life. Mine were $12 for six bins, but there are tons of different options on ‘Zon.

+ Reusable grocery bag — This guy is small, but mighty. The bagger boys at the market are always shocked at how much produce actually fits in here. You need one, or four, because they’re only $7 each (and so much cuter than the store-branded reusable bags).

xx, jordan


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