February 26, 2019

How To Style A Bar Cart

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I am constantly changing things up and moving things around in the apartment. It’s a fun way to achieve new interior styles without actually buying anything new. When we first moved in, our bar cart was very low on my list of priorities so I just kinda threw some things on there (i.e. booze bottles, random cocktail glasses, old bar accessories). It was a hot mess.

I was convinced that during the holidays the bar cart would make a cute comeback because I could make it festive and tie it in with the holiday decor. That never happened.

Come January I was completely fed-up and said neglected bar cart shimmied its way up to the top of my priority list. I scoured Pinterest and interior design blogs for inspo, and eventually did the damn thing.

Using pieces I already had, and things I bought, I deconstructed my cart and created a checklist of must-have items to start your bar cart from scratch (because there’s nothing more sad than a bare bar).

Classy, interesting bottles — My number one tip is to only put your prettiest bottles on the cart. Stash everything else in your refrigerator or freezer. We only have our special occasion wines, champagnes from Paris, aesthetically pleasing hard alcohol bottles, and Pellegrino (because duh) displayed.

Mixology books — I’m a big fan of decorative coffee table books, and the same applies to our bar cart. I have a couple of cocktail books stacked which proves to be both stylish and practical.

Cocktail shaker — I got my gold one from West Elm, and truthfully have used it once in nearly four years. But I still stand by it being an essential, whether it’s for looks or play.

Pretty glassware — Whether you have special shot glasses, vintage martini glasses, fancy champagne flutes, or large-and-in-charge margarita glasses (like us), add a couple on the cart. I would stick to one or two varieties, because I think having too many glasses can make it look cluttered.

Something living — I think adding a natural, living element (think fresh flowers, a plant, or live fruits and garnishes) makes the bar cart look next level professional.

A decanter — When I think of a decanter, I think of whiskey, which I rarely drink. But I still think it looks classy AF, which means I needed one.

Artwork or a quirky, decorative piece — It’s fun to mix in one piece of artwork, or something decorative that’s totally irrelevant to the bar. Because, ya know, it’s cute and reflects your personal style.

Organizational piece — If you have a larger cart, or a lot of things to put on it, you may want to invest in some sort of organizational piece. A tray for the alcohol bottles, a small wine rack, or an ice bucket breaks things up while allowing for more storage. Unfortunately, my cart is pretty narrow, so none of the above would fit on mine.

The prettiest tequila bottles c/o VIVA 32 Tequila.

Canned rosé c/o BABE Wines.

You can shop some of my favorites below.

xx, jordan


  1. Christine says:

    Hi! Love your post! Can you tell me where the bar cart is from? Totally in the market for one like this, but need it no more than 26” wide. Thanks in advance!

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