January 17, 2019

Blogging 101: How To Stay True To You

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We live in a world where blogging and social media has become a saturated industry. Meaning, everyone and their moms are trying to do the same thing– become Insta-famous (me included). While I believe that there is room for everyone, it can be hard to find your place and build your brand.

When you see like-minded girls succeeding, copying your favorite blogger may seem like the fast-track to success. It’s not (I repeat: it’s not). I know that they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but in blogging I think it’s tacky. To be honest, you should be trying to stand out, not blend in. That is what will entice people to get to know your feed for what it is.

People often ask me how to get into blogging, and how to grow your following once you start. My answer: find your niche and be true to who you are. People will see you, they’ll connect and resonate with you, and they’ll appreciate your realness.

First, find your niche. Regardless of whether you want to speak to foodies, people looking for a fitness element, or the fashionista– find your niche and stick to it. Mine is obviously a lifestyle blog with a bohemian, beach vibe. In order to stay true to the theme of my blog, I try to incorporate my passion for swimwear and my love for the ocean wherever I can. This is important because when people come to your page they can know exactly what to expect, and if they’re into it, they’ll follow along with you.

Next, create your voice. Your voice should be consistent, so decide if you want to be serious and inspiring, funny and lighthearted, quick and witty with your words, or unfiltered and real. Basically, your followers should be able to read a caption and feel like they have a good idea of who you are.

Feel free to get inspiration from outside sources, but don’t jock their style. If you love a pose, outfit, or article topic that you see on another account you should absolutely pull inspo from it– but make it your own. Add your own twist that’s unique to you without duplicating someone else’s content.

Speaking of content, post the damn picture and don’t look back. If you like a photo that you took, but are worried it may not perform well on Instagram, post it anyway. This says a lot about who you are as a blogger, and helps to keep you grounded in a superficial world (IMO). Don’t gauge your success by the amount of likes you get, measure it by how writing that post or snapping that picture made you feel. Did you have fun doing it? Do you think it’s cute? Do you think other people will benefit from seeing it? If yes, post it.

Last, don’t compare yourself to others. This will make you lose your mind real quick. There will always be someone with more followers than you, better brand collaborations, with more toned legs, straighter teeth and longer hair. There’s a lot of rejection in this industry, and overtime you’ll find confidence in who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t lose sight of that, it will be what sets you apart. I think feeling proud about the content you’re producing is the biggest success of all. Do it for you, because you enjoy it, not because you’re seeking validation from other people. What other people think about you is none of your business, anyway.

xx, jordan


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