January 2, 2019

My 2019 Vision Board

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I did my first vision board back in 2018. It was a way for me to map out my goals for the upcoming year in lieu of setting empty resolutions. I prefer to picture the things I’d like to accomplish in the new year, set intentions, and manifest the shit out of them. Looking back at my 2018 vision board, I was able to stay true to what I wanted to accomplish. So, here we go again– let’s give it another shot.

Here is my 2019 vision board explained.

Make more money — This is a generic goal. I’ve never been overly money driven, but I’d love to work towards making more money from my side hustles (blog, freelance work, Instagram), as well as in my career, this year.

Start a new venture with someone new — The fortune pictured above was one that I got in a cookie back in December. I was feeling especially discouraged and lonely during that time, and it was a much needed reminder that the best is yet to come. I keep that fortune in my wallet to keep me from spiraling in negativity.

Make my home a home — 2018 was a year of starting over, and I’m hoping to finally finish decorating my bedroom in 2019 so that it’s a place where I can really feel at home and inspired.

Healthier, happier me — The latter half of 2018 was full of laziness and splurging. I’m looking forward to making my health a priority again in 2019 by making a lifestyle change — healthier meals, committing to exercise, trying new fitness classes, etc.– so that I can look and feel good.

Cook at home — I want to eat out less, and eat in more. I don’t necessarily enjoy cooking, but am looking forward to having more fun in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes.

Find the one — This year I am vowing to continue to put myself out there, be more social, meet new people, and go on more dates. Regardless of whether I find “the one,” or not, at least I can say I was open to the possibility.

Grow my following and brand — I have some milestone goals for my blog in 2019, and I don’t want to quit until I get there (gimme that swipe up function, Instagram).

Save money — My number one goal for 2019: save money. I have always been terrible at this, but am determined to make more financially responsible decisions this year. I want to be able to say I contributed a significant amount to my savings account in 2019.

Know your worth — I discovered my sense of self worth in 2018, and it’s something that I am so proud of. This year I want to stay true to who I am, say “no” unapologetically, and remind myself not to settle for anything less than what I deserve.

Travel with friends and family — I have a few trips on the calendar for 2019, but I’d like to add a couple more.

xx, jordan


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