November 29, 2018

Blogging 101: How To Plan Your Photos + Posts

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Someone once asked me how I plan my photos out for my blog and Instagram. More specifically, since I have a 9-5 career on top of this blogging gig, how do I rotate through fresh content during the work-week when I don’t have time to shoot. Different from full-time bloggers, I physically can’t step away from my computer and get outside during the week to take photos at cute cafes or to feature my outfit of the day. Instead, I have to plan ahead and gather up all of my content on the weekends.

My content can really be broken down in to three categories:

1) Photo shoots of collaborations with my local photographer
2) Photos I take in or around my home with my own camera/iPhone
3) Content from travel

I try to do at least two blog posts a week in addition to Instagram, and a mix of the above photo styles, so that they blend naturally on my platforms. For example, to make my stylized, lifestyle pics last longer, I’ll mix in a home decor, beauty/wellness, or recipe blog that I can shoot on my own throughout the month. This helps me to spread out my professionally shot content, and helps avoid a pose-heavy feed. On the same coin, if I know I have a trip coming up, I’ll skip a shoot with my photographer and style those looks on my vacation instead. It saves money, and mixes things up a bit!

Since I can’t get out during the work days to take pictures of my outfits, I generally shoot 5-7 outfits with my photographer 1-2 times a month, and save my photos from my those shoots for blog and IG posts during the week. That means on the weekends, depending on what I’m doing, I rely on friends and family to snap quick shots for me for the ‘gram. I used to always bring my Canon with me everywhere I went on the weekends, so that I could get the perfect shot of the activity/outfit. But more recently, I shied away from this. Since I work with my photographer on a more regular basis and have a constant flow of quality images, I don’t mind mixing in iPhone pictures here and there. I actually think it helps keep the feed more organic-looking. While there’s no doubt that a camera and lens duo takes better quality images, lugging it around to the bars, beaches, wineries, etc. just became more of a hassle than it was worth.

Of course, I wish there were someone following me around 24/7 to take cute candid shots of my outfits, but there’s not. I’ve learned to accept that I won’t always get the perfect picture of every outfit I wear, and realizing that allowed me to live in the moment more. Because I work full-time, the blog often has to come second, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes I fall behind on collaborations, and am late submitting content, but that’s life. Although I can’t create new content on a daily basis, and there are days I don’t put up anything new, I think I have a pretty good system going for what my bandwidth allows.

At the end of the day, I’d rather post quality content that I’m proud of than feel obligated to post filler content on a daily basis.

xx, jordan


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