November 18, 2018

Why I Love Running In The Fall

You don’t realize how much you love running outside, until you can’t. Unfortunately, with all of the wildfires blazing throughout California, we’ve been experiencing the absolute worst air quality. For reference, I overheard some nurses at Kaiser the other day saying that walking outside for 15 minutes is equivalent to the second hand smoke of 16 cigarettes. Gross, right? So, obviously, while I’m thankful to still have a roof over my head and loved ones who are alive and well, I’m not running outside on the trails at the moment, and I’m not happy about it.

That being said, I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to live in a climate where I am able run outside year around (under normal circumstances), because the treadmill and I just don’t get along. I used to despise running with every bone in my body, but now I just despise having to run on a treadmill. Believe it or not, I’ve grown to really love running outside.

More specifically, I love running outside during the fall season. Here’s why:

1) I live for the fresh, crisp air — There’s something about the air when the seasons change that make me giddy. In fall, the air feels fresher, and more crisp, and I crave getting outside for an hour to soak it all in.

2) The temperature is perfect — During autumn, the temperature is near perfect (in California) for running. In October and November, the temperature usually hovers around 70 degrees, which is so ideal for working out outside.

3) It’s a nice break from the pool — While I love swimming, I usually take a break from the pool from October through December. The hustle and bustle of the holidays, and the chill in the air, makes it hard to commit two hours to a swim. Running is a nice alternative, and a fun way to mix things up.

4) The views are prettier — I’ve always found that the running trails are prettier come fall.

5) The camaraderie is inspiring — This isn’t exclusive to fall, but camaraderie on the trails is so motivating in its own unique way. I love waving at other runners trottin’ along around me.

6) It’s a nice excuse to buy cute, new workout sets — I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory. In the fall, I like to layer sports bras under a thin pullover. Extra points if the sports bra matches the leggings.

7) I love running because I can — This isn’t just true in the fall, but running is a constant reminder that I am strong and able. I recognize there are people in the world who can’t run, and maybe one day I won’t be able to, so I love to run because I can.

8) It’s a great way to detox from the holidays — Sweater weather doesn’t mean that you can’t sweat. Getting outside and sweating it out is the best way to detox from all the buttery pies and booze.

9) It makes me feel alive  As twisted as it sounds, feeling my legs pushing me forward and my lungs pumping oxygen makes me feel strong and alive. The rush of a runners’ high is real y’all, and I can’t imagine living life without that adrenaline.

10) It forces me to get outside once a day before it gets dark — Now that the sun sets at 2pm (insert eye roll emoji here), running forces me to take a break, unplug, and get outside before it gets dark. And I think that’s important.

Workout set c/o Stronger.

xx, jordan


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