November 14, 2018

Redecorating A Bedroom On A Budget

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When I moved, I basically started from scratch. New couch, new bed, new nightstands, new mattress, new towels, new flatware, new measuring cups— you name it, I bought it (you get the point). It was overwhelming and stressful— both mentally and financially. I had big ideas for my bedroom remodel, with a little budget to make it happen.

I wanted to keep my room neutral, modern and clean with a beachy, bohemian twist.

I knew I wanted an all-white bed set-up, and it took weeks of perusing the internet to find exactly what I was looking for, and at the right price. I ended up finding my bed frame and mattress from Wayfair for a steal, and got all of my bedding and (sleep) pillows from Homegoods. Both of which are extremely affordable places if you’re in the market for new bedroom furniture or decor. My nightstands are from Target’s Opalhouse collection. I got them for 50% off by being patient and waiting for them to go on sale, as Target’s home decor always does (eventually). I think the key is to figure out what style you’re looking for, and spend some time researching different brands and prices until you find what fits and makes sense for you.

Furniture aside, the majority of my decor (decorative books, vases, planters/plants, picture frames, etc.) comes from Homegoods, Anthropologie (sale section), or Target, with the exception of my Agapé candles. Said candles are from a local gal in my hometown who makes them herself. I love the clean, simplistic look of the candles and die for their yummy scents. They. Are. Everywhere. In. Our. Apartment.

Once I had all of my knick-knacks set up, I had to figure out my walls. I have a lot of wall space in the new place, and I knew I wanted some big artwork pieces to accompany my mirrors. Specifically, something inspired by Gray Malin but for a sliver of the price. Luckily, I found exactly what I was looking for at Desenio. To be honest, Desenio has an overwhelming amount of artwork and prints to choose from. There’s literally something for everyone, regardless of your taste (swear). After I picked my travel-inspired photography pieces, I had a hard time finding frames that fit the dimensions and matched the other wood in my room. I think I went to Michael’s four times total to buy and return frames. It was exhausting. But finally, I found Frame It Easy, which is an online shop that has super affordable custom frames. AKA, game changer. I ordered up three matching frames to go with my Desenio prints and had them up on my wall within 10 days. The best part? They were so easy to hang, I didn’t even have to call my dad to help me (pathetic, I know…but I’m single).

Interior design is something that is always changing, and I usually like to switch things up, and move things around, every couple of months. But for now I’m really happy with how my room has turned out. The only missing piece is a dresser. I want something sturdy, modern and a good quality wood– without breaking the bank. What’s your go-to furniture shop? Drop me a line!

For 10% off your order at Frame It Easy, use code TOM at checkout (offer expires 12/31/18).

Use code OCEANMINDED for 25% off prints (excludes frames and collaboration/hand-picked prints) at Desenio. Offer expires 11/15/18.


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