November 5, 2018

Why I Weigh Myself On A Daily Basis

It’s controversial, but I weigh myself everyday (sometimes twice a day).

Some may say that weighing yourself religiously is unhealthy, but I think the opposite. In fact, I would even say that it actually keeps me healthier.

I don’t jump on the scale to make myself feel bad or insecure. I don’t starve myself if I’m unhappy with the number. And I don’t stuff my face if I’m a few pounds under my normal weight. Instead, I use the scale as motivation to keep myself in check and to keep my life balanced.

My scale was an item that fell victim to my break-up. When I moved, a new scale was one of the first things that I bought. Not weighing myself everyday, or being in-tune with my body, made me lazy. It was one of those “out of sight, out of mind” situations. If I didn’t have a scale, I could eat whatever I wanted and skip a workout because nothing was there to hold me accountable. And I did— I ate Taco Bell once (sometimes twice) a week, and lost sight of my workout regime. That little piece of technology helps keep me in line with my goals, and on track with a healthier lifestyle.

You see, I weigh myself everyday because I know what my healthy, strong weight looks like. It’s not necessarily about the number, but more so what said number represents. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, so I can recognize when things are getting out of the norm. I look and feel my best when I’m consistent with my cardio, and committed to strength training. That’s what my body thrives off of, and that’s when my weight is steady. If my weight is outside the realm of its normal range, it motivates me to eat healthier and run harder. Not because I need to be skinnier (which would be nice, to be honest), but because I want to feel healthy. As weird as it sounds, it helps me be my best self.

Call it a mind game, but it’s what works for me.

Workout set c/o Lilybod

xx, jordan


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