September 24, 2018

My Love Language Quiz Results Explained

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I took the 5 Love Languages quiz for the first time five years ago. One of my girlfriends was raving about it and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t curious what my answers would be. At the time, I was single, and took the quiz for fun without giving it much thought. To my surprise, the 5 Love Languages are still very relevant five years later. It’s something that gets brought up from time to time among family, friends and even strangers. And it’s something that I’ve come to believe in. I think being aware of how you give and receive love is huge for all sorts of relationships in your life— not just significant others.

On that note, I decided to retake the quiz to see where I stood in comparison to my results five years ago. Not much has changed.

So, for those interested, here are my results from highest to lowest (I took it 3 times, just to be sure).

1. Quality Time — I have always valued quality time. While I can be pretty independent, and appreciate my alone time, I love spending time with the people I love. We could be doing everything, or nothing at all, but as long as I’m surrounded by people who are making an effort to see me, I’m happy as a clam. It’s that uninterrupted, one-on-one time where you have real conversation, the deep belly laughs, and make all of the memories that means the most to me. I scored a 12 in quality time, making it my number one love language by a long shot.

2. Acts of Service — One time, I was photographing a recipe for a blog post while on a trip with some friends in Tahoe. I had one friend roasting my marshmallows on the stove, and another lining the rim of the mug with crumbled graham crackers, while I staged the fireplace for the shot. That made my soul so happy, and it’s honestly something I’ll never forget. I feel so loved when people go out of their way to do something nice for me, especially if it’s something I know they normally wouldn’t want to do. I got an 8 in the acts of service bracket, making it second on my list.

3. Words of Affirmation — This actually used to be at the bottom of my list, because I don’t love compliments, and a lot of times they just make me more uncomfortable than anything. However, as I’ve gotten older I can appreciate a good, honest and raw conversation, and I really dig it if someone is opening up to me to tell me how they feel. If you love me, tell me, ya know? So, I guess with a whopping 4 points, words of affirmation comes in at number 3.

4. Physical Touch — This one is interesting, and hard to explain. If I am dating someone, I like being close to them— you know, like a good cuddle, or an arm around me when we’re out and about (without being too over-the-top PDA). But on the flip side, I don’t normally enjoy hugging or loving up on friends or family. It’s not because I don’t love them (I obviously do), but it just feels kind of awkward and unnecessary. It’s weird, and to be honest, I thought physical touch would be at the very bottom of this list instead of tied for number 4.

5. Receiving Gifts — Receiving gifts tied for last with physical touch with 3 points each. I can really appreciate a thoughtful gift, but that just doesn’t tug on my heart strings as much as spending quality time with someone. I also really (really) hate opening gifts in front of people, especially in front of the gift-giver, because I feel like I am forced to react a certain way. What if I don’t like it? So, yeah, gifts are not the way to my heart.

Interested in taking the 5 Love Languages quiz? You can take it here.

xx, jordan


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