September 4, 2018

My Top Five Favorite Beauty Tools Right Now

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As I get older, I invest more in tools that can help me hold on to my youthful appearance. There are so many at home remedies and contraptions on the market, that it would be silly not to take advantage of them. If there’s an easy, affordable way to maintain a healthy beauty and wellness routine, I’m into it. Two of my tried and true favorites: the jade roller and the dry brush. But I needed more.

Because I am in the blogging space, I am constantly testing out new products and on the hunt for new ride-or-dies. So, here I am, reporting back with my top five favorite beauty tools right now.

1) LightStim for wrinkles — Can I get an amen for LED light therapy? I was introduced to light therapy during my facials at Nirvana, where my esthetician uses an industrial size LED light that covers your entire face and neck. Red LED lights help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen production. The LightStim for wrinkles is a red, handheld LED light that allows you to target problem areas on your face. It’s easy to use, and beeps every three minutes when it’s time to move the light to the next section. The LightStim is on the pricier side at $250— but so worth it in my opinion.

2) Ice roller — You all know that I love my jade stone roller. I keep one in the fridge at home, and one in my toiletry bag for travel. However, with the recent heat waves we’ve been experiencing here in California, I wanted something a little more heavy duty to combat my tired, hot, puffy skin. The ice roller is the real MVP here. Pop that bad boy in the freezer and roll it all over your face for about five minutes. It’s my new favorite morning routine, and it only cost me $15.

3) Scalp massager — I saw so many other bloggers gushing about this tool, I had to give it a try. The vibrating scalp massager from Vanity Planet helps you lather in your shampoo, while massaging your head. It’s the best, really. It’s supposed to help you get a deeper, longer clean and stimulate faster hair growth (which I could most definitely use). Does it work? I don’t know. Does it feel good? Yep. Is it a must have? For 20 bucks, I’d say so.

4) Gel bead eye mask — Have you ever been so hungover that you’ve wanted to lay like a corpse with a cold washcloth on your face? Yeah, me too. Here’s the thing: a (frozen) gel bead eye mask is 100-times better. If you drink responsibly and rarely suffer from catastrophic hangovers (congrats), I’m fairly certain this would be great for a normal headache or keep you cool on a hot summer day, too. $8 on Amazon, people.

5) Quip toothbrush — Incase you missed it, Quip is the best (ever). I am a huge fan of this smart toothbrush, and I think you will be too. You can catch my review of it here.

xx, jordan


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