August 7, 2018

Learning How To Balance A Job, A Social Life, And Your Sanity

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I’m twenty-eight years old, and while I prefer a quiet night at home to a night out at the bars, life still has a way of spreading me thin. Between my career, my blog, my family and friends, dating and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle— it can be a lot to juggle. One weekend I may be thinking, “wow, I haven’t seen my family in a while,” and the next I’m craving a weekend away with my girlfriends. More often than not, said nights with my girlfriends turn into mornings nursing a micro-hangover instead of blogging and working out. So, how do you do it all?

It can be frustrating having to sacrifice one thing to make time for another.

During the week days I stick to a pretty tight schedule so that I can have more freedom on the weekends. Monday through Friday I generally work from 7-4, allocate a 1-2.5 hour window to workout after that (depending on the day), eat dinner, respond to any forgotten emails, edit blogs or catch up on my favorite shows, and then get ready for bed. Some days I’ll begrudgingly skip an evening workout for a happy hour with a friend, blog photo shoot, or for a date, but it’s rare. During the week those are my priorities, and I like my routine.

The weekends are where it gets messy (busy).

I’m perpetually torn between needing to be productive and active, and wanting to be social. I know that if I make weekend plans with my friends, I probably won’t make it on my Saturday late-morning run and will neglect my blog for the next 48 hours. Similarly, if I commit to spending time out of town with my family, I might miss out on something with my friends. It’s a double-edged sword, really.

What I’ve realized is that it’s all about balance, and it’s okay to say no.

I think I’m the minority in that I actually don’t have a hard time saying no. I’ve always been this way. If I whole-heartedly don’t want to do something (like stay up past 10pm on a Saturday), I won’t do it. I chalk this up to my stubbornness, but it works in my favor most of the time.

Where I struggle the most is finding a healthy balance that works for me. If one week is especially busy and I can only squeeze in one blog post and four workouts, I make a conscious effort to try harder the following week and make those things a priority. On the same coin, if it’s been a slow, low-key month, I allow myself one or two weekends to put my writing on the back-burner and let loose with my friends. That being said, I’m human and sometimes I’ll beat myself up over the fact that I missed a workout, didn’t make it to a family breakfast, or don’t have enough blogs written for the upcoming week.

At the end of the day I have to remind myself that life doesn’t slow down, and you have to find a routine that works with your lifestyle. I know that all of the above is extremely important to me, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the week to get to everything on my list, and that’s okay.

xx, jordan


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