July 6, 2018

5 Easy Ways To Style A Satin Scarf

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen the infamous satin scarf on your Instagram feed. They come in oodles of different prints, colors, shapes and sizes— but they. are. everywhere.

To be honest, the manufacturers in China who sell these bad boys on Amazon are probably baffled by the volume of orders they’re receiving. Lucky for them (and their business), I’m obsessed. My first order was a pink printed scarf, inspired by Sivan Ayla, and I wore it every single possible way I could think of. When I exerted all of my outfit options with that scarf, I bought another.

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments and questions regarding said scarf, so I figured a quick blog post was in order.

These scarves are $7 (practically free) on Amazon, and can be styled so many different ways, they’re a no brainer. Here are five easy ways to style a satin scarf (pro tip: try all five so that you can get multiple Instagram posts out of it).

Wear it in your hair. Adding a scarf to your sloppy pony, or messy bun, makes it instantly chic. I love doing a low, loose ponytail and using the scarf as my hair tie for an effortless, boho look.

I’ve also styled this as a head-wrap, which is cute with the right outfit.

Tie it on your purse. I do this with my old scarves that I’ve already worn a few times. I love how a scarf looks tied on the handle of an everyday bag that you’re bored with. We’ll call this a bank account friendly, purse face-list.

Wear it as a crop top. This is v cute, but not practical. I’ve worn the scarf as a top twice— once in France and then again in Palm Springs. In France, I wore it under a matching blazer and short set so I had extra coverage while walking around Versailles, incase the top decided to loosen. My advice here is to wear this on a day that you’re not moving around a ton, as it tends to slip over time and requires constant readjusting.

Use it as a belt with some cropped denim. Here’s an innovative way to style it: wear it as a belt. I think this would be so cute with a plain top, high-waisted cropped (or boyfriend) denim, a hat and some boho sandals.

Style it as a neck scarf. The Amazon scarves may be two long and chunky for this, but I love a good neck scarf.

xx, jordan


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