July 1, 2018

My Summer Skincare Ride-or-dies

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If you keep up with my IG stories, you know that I’ve been on the hunt for a good face sunscreen. I stay pretty active— swimming, running, and doing a circuit training bootcamp class— and am constantly outside in the sun. Because of this, my naked face is pretty vulnerable to the sun’s damaging rays and often feels more dry than it does in the colder months. While my CC cream is SPF 50, I don’t generally like to wear makeup when I’m working out, so I needed a combination of products that would stick with me through the chlorine and sweat, and a solid serum and moisturizer to repair any damage once I’m home.

I got a ton of recommendations (like, so many— you guys rock) for sunscreens, but Glo Skincare really grabbed my attention with their variety of products. I liked that Glo had a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30+. It’s almost like my CC cream, but with less coverage, which was a perfect option for going on runs and my workout classes.

After perusing Glo’s site, I found some other products that quickly became my ride-or-dies for the hot, sometimes hazy days of summer.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF — Usually in the mornings, I’ll wash my face with cold water and pat it dry. If I’m headed to workout, I will skip my normal steps (serum, facial oil, makeup) and lather on a tinted moisturizer with at least SPF 30. Glo’s tinted sunscreen isn’t water resistant, but it stays on long enough for a quick run or a 60 minute workout class all while giving me even skin tone. Five stars in my book!

A good face wash — When I get home from working out, or at the end of the day, I always double cleanse. I feel like sunscreen (in general) is heavier than the makeup I use, so as a general rule of thumb I wash my face twice after using it. I use a face wash from my esthetician, and it works well.

Vitamin C serum — Vitamin C serums are really important for combatting premature aging. The antioxidants found in the vitamin C helps fight free radical damage to the skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration caused by the sun’s rays. I use this in the morning and again at night. Like I said, I spend a lot of time out in the sun, and I really feel like vitamin C helps me to be more proactive about my skin’s appearance.

Moisturizing serum — I just recently started using a moisturizing serum in addition to a facial oil or moisturizing cream. It’s really just an extra layer of moisture, which my skin can totally use after a long swim in chlorine or salt water. Glo’s moisturizing serum is light, hydrating and layers well with my other serums and moisturizers, which I love.

A facial oil, or moisturizing cream — Depending on the time of day, my last step is either a facial oil or moisturizing cream. I like to use facial oils before I put on my makeup, for an extra dewy look. At night I opt for a thicker moisturizing cream or lotion, since it has time to soak into my skin and do its job while I sleep. After being in the sun for an extended period of time, my skin is like a sponge and absorbs every last bit of moisturizer, so this step is crucial.

xx, jordan


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