June 27, 2018

A Quick Update On Me + Tom

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No, TOM is not a new man in my life .

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, TOM stands for The Ocean Minded. And speaking of a rock, I’ve been the one living under it. Between work and travel, it’s been a minute since I sat down to write a real, meaningful blog post.

The other day my brother said to me, “well, you’re not really a blogger, you’re more like an Instagram model.” Wait, what? Pump the brakes. I started this little corner of the internet because I love writing, not because I wanted to pose in front of pretty walls (trust— if I could post blogs without photos, I totally would). It kills me that I haven’t been able to write much lately, so here I am with a quick update on me, my life, and TOM.

I feel like I’ve been traveling nonstop since May 1. I went from Europe, to Palm Springs, to Monterey, to the Central California Coast, and back to Palm Springs all in a span of six (maybe seven) weeks. It was a lot. During the weekdays, and in-between trips, I’ve been trying to juggle laundry, work, apartment hunting and dating. So, let’s start there.

As most of you know, blogging isn’t my full time gig. I work 9-5 for an online retailer specializing in swimwear. I’ve been having to drive in to the office more frequently, and while spending five hours a day in the car isn’t ideal, showing face has really helped me advance professionally. If all goes as planned, I’m due for a promotion and raise at the end of summer (fingers crossed), and will be working my little bum off until then.

That being said, commuting into the office 2-3 days a week has been rough. It’s a 2.5 hour drive each way with traffic, and it’s excruciatingly draining (I’m dramatic). One of my best girlfriends and I have been (slowly) looking at places together in the East Bay Area. If you’re not from California, you can’t even begin to imagine how insane housing prices are ’round here. But, the heart wants what it wants. And this heart wants hardwood floors, white quartz countertops and an in-unit washer and dryer, ya know? We’re actually starting to get serious about things, and the thought of finally starting over in a place of my own, sans ex-boyfriend, is so exciting.

Last, and certainly not least, I’ve been dating. Not a ton, but quite a bit more than I expected to be at this point. It’s been fun meeting new people and getting my mojo back, but there hasn’t been anything noteworthy as of yet. Dating can be pretty dang miserable, but I am actually looking forward to moving to a new city, with new faces and places.

As you can see, life comes at you fast. While TOM has regrettably taken the back seat, I’m feeling refreshed and inspired coming off of a five day blogger-trip in Palm Springs (more on this later). I have some really exciting collaborations in the pipeline for summer and can’t wait to start pumping out new juicy content.

Anything in particular you want to see (or read)? Drop me a line.

xx, jordan


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