June 19, 2018

A Refreshing, Fruity Frosé

Frosé? Yes way!

I love a good, light frosé for a few reasons. The number one reason being that it makes for a fun and refreshing poolside drink during the warmer months. Second, I love all things rosé. And of course, they’re Instagram-worthy AF.

After having had countless frosé concoctions from trendy hotels, swim-up bars and select wineries, we decided to give it a go at our recent white & rosé party. It’s slushy, it’s super-yummy, and it’s a new summer staple.

What you’ll need

A bottle of rosé (we used One Hope’s California Rosé)
Ice cube trays
Sugar, or simple syrup
A blender


First and foremost, the night before (or morning of), fill 1-2 ice cube trays with your favorite rosé and put them in the freezer. While the rosé is setting, cut up some watermelon cubes. Put half of the watermelon chunks in the freezer and half in the refrigerator.

After about four hours, your rosé and watermelon cubes should be chilled and frozen. Fill your blender with the frozen rosé cubes and a handful of watermelon chunks (we winged it, and just added as we went), and pulse. Add a bit of normal, chilled, rosé (from the bottle, in liquid form) to the blender to help combine all the ingredients. Blend, and then blend some more. When it’s beginning to look like a slushy, add a pinch or two of sugar, and blend again to mix it all in.

Give it a taste. As I said, we eyeballed the recipe, and didn’t make exact measurements. Depending on how your consistency looks, and how the frosé tastes, add more frozen cubes, liquid or sugar to taste.

Serve it up in a cute glass, and garnish with strawberries.

Cheers to drinking frosé all damn day!

xx, jordan


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