June 6, 2018

5 Tips For Throwing A White & Rosé Party

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At the risk of sounding brash, my best girlfriends and I have always thought that we deserved our own reality television show. Back in high school, before Pinterest-inspired ideas were saturating the world, our themed parties rocked. We hosted country-style bonfires, brought in real sand for beach-themed backyard parties, went full-glam for fancy dinners at home, and made everyone dress in sync for black & white attire bashes. We loved a good theme, and still do (read about our murder mystery party here).

Throwing a white & rosé themed party at the beach was a no-brainer.

If you’ve seen the Bravo show Summer House, you know where we got the idea. It didn’t take much to convince the gang. A trip to the beach, with cases of rosé and our most basic outfits in tow? Twist our arms.

That being said, it took some planning and coordinating. Here are five things you need about throwing a white & rosé party.

1) Make sure you bring enough wine (and food). This one is important. When we were loading up the car(s), we thought, “wow, we brought way too much wine.” Most of us had packed between 4-8 bottles each for one day. Outrageous, right? There was no way we were going to go through all of that vino. Wrong. We had over 30 bottles of wine, and come Sunday there were only about 4 leftover.

When you’re drinking all-day, you’re going to go through a ton of rosé. Plan accordingly. There’s no bigger buzzkill than running out of booze (or food) when no one can drive.

Shout-out to ONEHOPE Wine for providing us with a case of their yummy and refreshing California Rosé (ONEHOPE frosé recipe, coming soon).

2) Get plastic, disposable tableware. If you’re planning to party on the shore, or near a pool, investing in plastic wine glasses is a good idea. This not only helps avoid broken glass, but helps make the clean-up process much easier.

Luckily, there are a ton of chic, safe options available. Sugar and Cloth sent us the fanciest entertaining kit— plastic square edge glasses, white and gold cutlery, napkins and gold-trimmed plates. The disposable options made the clean-up a breeze, without looking tacky.

I highly recommend you peep their shop if you’re planning a party in the near future.

3) Keep the decor chic and simplistic. Since this particular party was inspired by the Hamptons, I wanted the decor to be simple and clean. Less is more. I kept it all white, with gold and fresh floral accents. The only real decor we had was a letter board, white balloon display, empty rosé bottles as vases, greenery and white and pale-pink peonies.

I had originally planned on renting cocktail tables and tablecloths, buying white paper lanterns and really going full-blown summer soiree, but at the end of the day, a ton of people had bailed so I scaled it back a bit.

4) Find yourself some friends who aren’t flakey. This is half a joke, half serious. At 28, all my friends are being pulled in every which direction between careers, significant others and family obligations. What was originally supposed to be a party of 20-25 people, quickly became an intimate gathering of about 10 of my best girlfriends.

It can be especially frustrating when your friends can’t commit, or follow through, after all of the thought and planning you’re putting in to the big day. To save yourself the let-down, only invite the people who you know won’t bail and who will appreciate your effort.

5) Make sure everyone sticks to the theme. There is nothing more annoying than going through the trouble of planning a themed party to have a guest not dress the part. If it’s a white & rosé party, make it a hard requirement that everyone wears some form of white.

xx, jordan


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