May 21, 2018

How I Keep My Skin Bright + Clear While Traveling

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Every time I travel, the state of my skin is such a gamble. It tends to get really dry and blemish-prone. I chalk this up to the pre-travel stress and the fact that I’m wearing makeup all-day, everyday. My skin just isn’t used to that. Because of this, I tend to overcompensate while on vacation. I generally try to take extra good care of my skin when I’m on a trip so that I come home to a happy, clear face.

It’s so easy to let your routine go when you’re away from home, especially after long days of walking countless miles and drinking oodles of wine. Keeping up with your skincare regime feels like a chore when you’re tired, or tipsy, or both— but it’s so, so important.

Here are three ways that I keep my skin bright, and blemish-free when traveling.

Cleanse, and then cleanse again — Since I work from home most days, it’s really rare that I’ll put makeup on during the week. When I’m on a trip I’m layering CC cream, concealer, bronzer and highlighter on my face everyday (sometimes twice a day, if my friends are lucky and can convince me to go out at night), which is a bit of a shock for my normally naked skin. To keep things clear, I try to double cleanse every night and again in the morning. I wash my face no matter what, even inflight or after a night of cocktails, because I find that it helps with preventing clogged pores and keeping my face really fresh and glowing.

De-puff (any way you know how) — When I’m on vacation I’m likely overindulging in food and drinks, and skimping on sleep and exercise. This catastrophic combo causes my face to look puffy, worn-down and dull. I keep a jade roller in my toiletry bag, because it’s a lifesaver for tired, jet-lagged skin. I try to do a quick roll-out— a facial massage with my favorite vitamin C serum, facial oil, and a chilled jade roller— every other day when I’m on a trip (my esthetician would be so proud). If you don’t have a cold jade roller, an ice-roller or a simple facial massage using your hands and a piece of ice work just the same.

Masks are a must — I always travel with a few face and eye masks in tow. In addition to your regular serum and moisturizer routine, try a mask every couple of days. Regardless of whether you prefer sheet masks, feet masks, or peel-off masks, this helps keep your skin hydrated, soft and refreshed after long days and nights. Some of my favorite masks are from Karuna Skin, because they literally have something for every situation— anti-aging, hydrating, brightening, deep cleaning, de-shining, reducing redness, etc. They even offer exfoliating feet masks, which I highly recommend if you’re planning a trip that requires a lot of walking.

In my experience, masks (or the lack thereof) can really make or break your skin while on vacation. Bring a variety, and your skin will thank you later.

You can shop some of my favorite Karuna products below (they’re the best, swear).


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