May 9, 2018

My 6 Favorite Face Masks For Renewal + Hydration

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Face masks, sheet masks in particular, are one of life’s simplest joys (in my opinion). Not much compares to laying in a bed of clean sheets, with a glass of good wine, on a Sunday night, with a chilled sheet mask on your face. Call me boujee, but it’s just so damn satisfying.

There are so many different skincare brands who produce face masks, all of which use various types of serums and ingredients, and choosing one that works for you can be overwhelming (and expensive). That being said, through a series of trial and error, I’ve found my ride or dies.

The following are my top six favorite face masks for instant-renewal, brightening and hydration.

Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask — This is one of the very first face masks I fell in love with. The Leahlani Mermaid Mask works wonders on dull, tired and blemished skin. With an impressive blend of essential oils, Hawaiian honey, spirulina, and chlorella, and sea clay, you can actually feel your face soaking up the nutrients. If you want a brighter, softer, even-toned complexion, give this a shot.

Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet — If you’re looking for a cheap, but ultra-hydrating, everyday sheet mask, this one’s for you. Each mask is under $5 and works wonders on a tired, hungover face. Trust. For the price and results, this earns an A in my book. Pro tip: keep it in the fridge for a more refreshing experience.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Hydrogel Melting Sheet Mask — At $15 a mask, these are more on the pricey side, but worth every penny. This mask is without a doubt, hands-down, my favorite sheet mask. I love using these after a long day of travel, a late night out, while I sit and blog, before a photo shoot or the morning of a big event. The results are quick and noticeable, and I’ll chalk that up as a win.

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask — I love this mask for summer, especially after a long day in the water! I use this frequently, after a long swim session, or anytime the chlorine and sun have been chillin’ on my skin for an extended period of time. The aloe vera and cucumber extracts work wonders to relieve any dryness, burns or irritation.

Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask — This mask is unique in that it is made of 100% wood-pulp fiber which really allows your face to absorb all of the ingredients. The serum is a bit sticky, as most are, but you really notice a difference within 24 hours of using this mask. I highly recommend!

Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution — The Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution mask is my least favorite of this bunch, but it’s still a really good option for a quick fix on worn-down skin. It leaves your skin feeling renewed, and glowy, which I’m all about.

What are your favorite masks? Drop me a line.

xx, jordan


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