April 25, 2018

What I Want For Paris, France

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You know when you’re staring into an overflowing closet, but can’t seem to find anything to wear? That’s an actual depiction of me trying to figure out what I’ll wear in France. I don’t know why, but packing for Paris is next level. I feel this unwavering pressure to be chic AF throughout the whole trip, while staying true to my bohemian roots. Hard, right?

In an effort to feel inspired, I’ve been doing some serious window shopping at all of my go-to shops and stalking my favorite Instagram accounts.

Since then, I’ve been feelin’ a few select trends and styles for my upcoming Euro-trip.

Stripes — I don’t know why, but stripes with a neck or hair bandana-scarf feels so Parisian to me.

French Graphics — I’m fairly certain they’ll be able to tell I’m not a local, but I don’t care. I’m loving all le French graphic tees.

Trenches — If you didn’t wear a trench coat, did you even really do Paris?

Pastels — Picture this: me roaming a Parisian garden in a flowy pastel frock. Yes, please!

Polka Dots — Is there anything chicer than polka dots and a beret? No, the answer is no. I am dying over polka dot sets right now.

Light Linens — Wearing light, fresh linens in the springtime in Europe just feels right.

Neutral slides — I’m envisioning a whole lot of comfortable, simple and neutral slides for exploring the city (assuming it’s not raining, of course).

Belt Bags —  1990s money belts take the bench, this is a job for belt bags. I’ll take the Gucci one, please.

You can shop my entire Parisian wish list below.

xx, jordan


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