April 9, 2018

A Note On Surrounding Yourself With Supportive People

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Being a blogger can go one of two ways: 1) your friends and family can either think you’re an asshole for always taking photos of yourself, or 2) your friends and family never let you miss a good photo op.

In a world where everyone and their moms are blogging, it can be extremely hard to take people seriously in the industry. More specifically, dragging your friends down a rabbit hole of taking 12,478,147 photos in front of a pink wall can get annoying for all parties involved. I think the fear of what other people will think hold a lot of bloggers back because we’re so consumed with being accepted among those around us. Because of this, it is so extremely important to surround yourself with supportive people.

I am lucky in that my mom and dad will drive around tiny beach towns for hours on end, just to help me find a Volkswagen bus to pose in front of. Similarly, my best friends and brother will send me a text whenever they see one driving around town. My girlfriends are constantly sending me pictures on Instagram of backdrops, props or poses that I should try. My friends act as stage-moms, fixing my hair and adjusting my poses when necessary. My mom and grandma read almost every single blog post that goes live. I’m lucky to have friends that will help me roast marshmallows on the stove to make a boozy hot chocolate look more photogenic. I am thankful for parents that will sacrifice a day out of their weekend to shoot six looks in San Francisco to help me generate content. When a photographer falls through, I know I can count on any one of them to jump in and take my photos in a pinch. I’m sure (I’m actually pretty positive) at times my perfectionism gets on my friends and family’s nerves, and while it’s a running joke when something is “The Ocean Minded approved,” I am grateful that the people in my life know and accept how important this tiny corner of the internet is to me.

Perhaps not everyone is this lucky with their immediate family or friends, but there are plenty of other ways to find support within the blogging community through meet-up events, FB groups, and Instagram pods. I have met so many incredible like-minded girls through social media platforms, and have built some pretty special bonds with them. At times when I feel like my friends don’t want to hear about the technicalities of blogging and partnerships, I know I can turn to my blogger babes and they will always offer a voice of reason, listen to my rants and cheer me on. Having someone (anyone) who has your back makes a world of difference in a realm that can often times be discouraging, competitive and judgmental.

Having people in my corner makes the blogging journey so much more enjoyable, and I can’t imagine doing it without them.

Gingham jumpsuit c/o Heartloom.
Mini cross-body bag c/o Elle & Jae Gypset.

xx, jordan


  1. Hannah says:

    I love this. Your family and friends are amazing for always being so supportive and helping you create your incredible content! It truly shows in your work that you people backing you up. Also, I LOVE that you’re one of my supportive blogger friends that can talk about partnerships and algorithms and all the stuff our friends and family don’t want to!

    Keep up the good work Jordan!

    • theoceanmindedblog@gmail.com says:

      Thanks so much, Hannah. Right back at ya, your IG-hubby is the bomb!

      And same, I am so happy that we have crossed paths and can do this crazy blogger life together. xx

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