March 20, 2018

Beach, Please

FILED IN: Fashion

I love cheeky, understated graphics — and swimsuits are no exception. You’ve undoubtedly seen graphic onesies around your local beaches and pools, or at the very least, on the ‘gram. They’re punny, personalized, and sometimes provocative — but cute nonetheless. I had to have one.

My favorite? Beach please.

It can be read as: 1) beach, please or 2) beach please — either way it sums up my personality to a tee. The former suggests a sassy and salty, unamused response to someone you find annoying, while the latter is for the beach advocates of America. Both of which I can relate to on a spiritual level.

I’m a big fan of the retro-inspired silhouette and the modern, in-your-face font. This one piece just speaks to me, and that’s all I’m going to say about this little number.

Later, beaches.

‘Beach Please’ One Piece Swimsuit c/o Entourage.

xx, jordan


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