January 28, 2018

10 Totally Random Facts About Me

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You’ve likely seen some of the bloggers you follow post random facts about themselves on Instagram Stories within the last couple of weeks. It got me to thinking— how much do you really know about the people you follow beyond their seemingly perfect photos. Since day one, I’ve tried to keep my blog completely honest, raw and real. That being said, I love sharing random tidbits about myself and my life so that my followers can really connect to the real me.

I did a post last February— 10 totally random facts about me— but I have acquired a handful of new followers since then, so I thought it would be fun to do another post and add to that list.

1) I am terrified of bees. Like, if one flew into my car window, I would likely panic and crash. I’ve been stung once (I was a couple beers deep), so I know it doesn’t hurt that bad, but I still hate them.

2) I have been swimming competitively since I was five years old, I played water polo for 7 years and am still on a swim team at 27. In fact, my biggest goal for 2018 is to qualify for the U.S. Masters National Championships in Florida this summer (more on this later).

3) I was never good at fashion until mid-college. In high school, I asked my mom to pick out my outfits for me every single day. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I really started to find an interest in fashion, and developed my own personal style.

4) I am allergic to all cats, and some dogs. I know, I know— this is like every human’s worst nightmare.

5) Although I’ve lived all over Northern California, I have always lived within 2 hours of my hometown (even in college). Change is scary, and I prefer to stay close to family while I can.

6) I could eat Mexican food every single day, I just love it so much.

7) I used to play the flute, and I was awful. At the school’s Christmas performances, I would only pretend to play by moving my fingers around, without actually blowing in to the flute.

8) I don’t dance (unless I am extremely tipsy). People always ask me why I don’t dance, and I don’t have a good answer other than I never have, and likely never will. Singing on the other hand…sign me up for karaoke!

9) I abbreviate a lot. I think this started in high school— my friends and I would always give people abbreviated nicknames and use acronyms to describe things. Even though I am a grammar fanatic, I still use words like totes (totally), def (definitely), cas (casual), prob (probably), awk (awkward), sketch (sketchy), etc. My dad makes fun of me for it.

10) I run very hot, and always sleep with my fan on, even when it’s 30 degrees out. If I’m staying in a hotel, turning the AC on/down is the first thing I do upon arrival.

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