December 6, 2017

10 Simple Ways To Find Joy When You’re Feeling Down

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You have to stop waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and light that bitch up yourself. You know, if you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine— or whatever.

Cheesy, inspirational quotes aside, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. Regardless if you’re struggling with loss, heartbreak or just a real bad case of PMS, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel broken, to ask for a shoulder to lean on, and to cry. That doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human.

We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are 1,000 simple ways to fill your tired soul so you can remember how to be, how to see and most importantly, how to breathe (fav quote from Victoria Erickson). Sometimes you just need to fix your makeup, step outside and pull it together.

I realize every situation, circumstance and person is different, but here are 10 simple ways that help me to find joy when I’m feeling down.

1) Work out — When in doubt, sweat it out. As Elle Woods says, “endorphins make you happy.” Whenever I am feeling sad, or annoyed, I hit the road for a quick run or let it go in kickboxing. This works wonders, swear.

2) Go shopping — Ordering something online is so satisfying, and it gives you reason to live for another 3-5 business days. So there’s that.

3) Vent — I am an open book. I understand that not everyone feels comfortable doing so, but venting to my friends and family, or writing about it, really lifts the dead weight off of my shoulders.

4) Get dressed and do your makeup — This seems silly, but putting on a cute outfit and a new lipstick is a total mood booster (at least for me).

5) Let it out — Sometimes, you just need a really solid cry sesh. I hate crying in front of people, but bottling up your emotions only tends to make things that much harder.

6) Pamper yourself — Whether you’re trying out a new bath bomb, or getting a pedicure, a little R&R is a good way to hit the refresh button and snap out of a funk.

7) Allow yourself the grace to grieve — If you need to feel sad, or angry, do it unapologetically. Give yourself the grace you need to overcome whatever you’re going through. You’ll find that time heals all wounds.

8) Get outside — Find a stretch of ocean, an open field or a mountainside and just breathe. Obviously, the ocean is my go-to, but when I can’t make it there, just breathing in some fresh air helps.

9) Spend some time with your girlfriends — Staying busy is key, and sometimes a night out (or in) with your girlfriends is exactly what the doctor ordered.

10) Go to Taco Bell — When I’ve exhausted all of my other options, I resort to Taco Bell. Something about their disgustingly good menu helps. Don’t ask me how.

xx, jordan


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