November 10, 2017

Checking In From A Dry November

Welp, I made it a whopping four days without alcohol (insert eye roll emoji). My dry November started off on the wrong foot, as I was already two glasses of wine deep by November 4. Turns out, I set myself up for failure. Here’s why;

Back in April, when I successfully went 30 days without alcohol, I was a lot more motivated to go booze-free than I was this month. Why? I was determined to prove to myself that I could do it. I realize this makes me sound like some vodka-dependent alcoholic (I’m not, I swear), but it’s the truth. In April I wanted to detox, get a handle on some self-control and tone up. It felt good (you can read more about that here). It felt so good to be clean, if you will, that I wanted to do it again this month. Easy, no?

Fast forward to November and here we are. This month I was far less confident in my ability to go cold-turkey without any wine, Stella Artois, or skinny margs (all of my favs), and my motives were pretty weak. The only reason I wanted to give up alcohol was to lose weight, which we all know, I would gain back as soon as I incorporated liquor back in to my diet in December. It seemed pointless, and I was already dreading it come November 1, which was a bad sign.

Although the sobriety was a fail, it did teach me a couple of things that are worth noting.

First of all, everything is fine in moderation. If I want a glass of wine on a Saturday night with my girlfriends, I’m going to have one (one, not five). That just means maybe I’ll run an extra mile on Sunday, eat a salad before I go out, or try not to drink the rest of the weekend. I don’t drink that much as it is, but I need to be smarter about balance.

Second, I don’t actually enjoy being drunk. I would much rather be on the cusp of sober and a good buzz, so learning my limit is key. Unfortunately, this is something I’m still trying to perfect at 27— oops.

And lastly, I shouldn’t feel guilty because I couldn’t stay dry for the month of November. You should be able to treat yourself without feeling like you’re cheating on your morals— not just with booze, but with food, too. I still plan to cut back significantly in November, but I also want to enjoy the holiday season. Sue me.

So, that’s where I’m at. Cheers!

xx, jordan


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