October 31, 2017

A Last Minute Halloween Costume: Penny Lane

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It’s all happening— Halloween is here.

I love Halloween, but I am the worst when it comes to planning ahead for costumes. Luckily, coming up with something from clothes already hanging in your closet is pretty dang easy. All you have to do is think outside the box, or in my case, dress as you normally would.

Almost Famous is one of my absolute favorite movies, and Penny Lane is my spirit animal. When I bought this Sage the Label ‘Penny Lane’ coat from Planet Blue, it was a no brainer. I slipped in to my velvet bells, a white crop top, my round Ray-Ban sunnies, threw up a peace sign and called it a day.

Does it still count as a costume if you’re dressed in an outfit you would wear year-around? Whatever, I’m just here for the boos anyway.

Happy Halloween, witches.


xx, jordan


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