October 27, 2017

Witching Hour

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Morgan and I recently played a game where we asked each other a series of questions, challenging how much we could answer correctly about one another. One of the questions: favorite holiday? His response: “Well, you hate Thanksgiving, so that’s not it. And you’re not five years old, so it can’t be Halloween.” Witch, please. Things got awkward real fast.

I love Halloween. In fact, I probably own more Halloween decor than I do Christmas. I love me some cinderella pumpkins, fun-size candy, festive pumpkin patches, chilly nights, skulls and skeletons, pumpkin-spice scented candles and black magic.

But most of all, I love the movies. I’m not talking about that scary shit— I actually really hate thrillers. Instead, I watch all of those kid-friendly, oldie-but-goodies from the ’90s. Some of my favorites? Hocus Pocus (obviously), Halloween Town, The Corpse Bride, Monsters Inc., Casper and The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, I guess I kinda am like a five year old. Whatever (insert eye roll emoji).

I probably watch Hocus Pocus at least once a week during the month of October, all cozied up in my favorite blanket, channeling all the fall feels. Super basic, I know. Leave it to Disney to make witchcraft seem cool and trendy.

I used to make real big plans for Halloween weekend— costume parties, bar-hopping and road trips— but recently I’m way more in to sitting at home with a glass of wine and a big ole pizza, passing out (but mostly eating) candy and hanging with the Sanderson sisters. Can you really blame me?

It’s lit— like the black flame candle. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

Happy Halloween weekend, witches.

xx, jordan


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