September 15, 2017

Vegetarian Power Bowl

While I’m not a full-fledged vegetarian, it’s safe to say my eating habits resemble that of one. Nine times out of ten I’d choose a meatless meal at a restaurant, and if I never had to touch raw chicken in the kitchen again, it would be too soon.

At the risk of offending PETA enthusiasts (stop reading if you love animals), I don’t eat like a vegetarian because I feel bad for the cows and the pigs. In fact, I fully support anyone that chooses to eat them. Instead, I opt out of eating meat because it really just grosses me out— the texture, the thickness, the cholesterol, the blood— no thanks.

Luckily, there are so many super-foods out there packed with [close to] the same amount of protein and minerals that you would find in a slab of steak. Some of my favorites? Kale, quinoa, and black beans. I try to incorporate at least one of those into my diet every day. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can mush all three in to one meal.

Ergo, my vegetarian power bowl.

I recently threw this meal together twice in one week, and loved it so much, I made it again for my boyfriend. Now, he normally frowns upon my rabbit-like eating habits, but he was a big fan of this one. Boyfriend approved!

Here’s what you’ll need (serves 2-4)

A large pot
Glass baking dish
Olive oil
Pink himalayan salt
Garlic (optional)
Turmeric (optional)
1.5 cups of uncooked quinoa
3-5 cups of kale
1 15oz. can of black beans
1 cup of shaved brussel sprouts
1 medium sized sweet potato
Goat cheese
Salsa of your choice


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Cut the sweet potato in to 1-2 inch cubes, toss in olive oil, pink himalayan salt, turmeric and pepper and add them to a baking dish. You can add minced garlic, too, but that’s optional. Once the oven is heated, put the potatoes in for 35-45 minutes.

Fill a pot with 3 cups of water, and add in the cup and a half of uncooked quinoa. Bring the water to a boil, and then reduce the heat and let simmer for 15-20 minutes.

That’s literally the hardest part.

Once your quinoa has cooked, add in the kale and shaved brussel sprouts and stir. Allow the greens to warm all the way through (soften) and then add in the entire can of rinsed black beans. Once everything in the pot is heated and warm, add in as much goat cheese as your heart desires. As the cheese melts, it will make the mixture super creamy and yummy.

Add the sweet potatoes and top with your favorite salsa. I am addicted to Costco’s all-natural, fire-roasted fresh red salsa by Del Real (seriously, try it).


xx, jordan


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