August 17, 2017

All About Bioclarity

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I am lucky enough to have fairly clear skin, 89.9% of the time. To that end, a 30-day skin care regime designed to clear up acne isn’t usually my jam. I only say that because I just don’t have enough blemishes to show noticeable results from said skin care regime. I’m lucky, I know.

However, there is that miserable 10.1% of the year where my chin flares up and I get a ton of teeny red bumps that resemble a rash. It’s gross, and covering it with makeup only makes it look worse. I have tried everything from ointments and serums, to expensive masks. That dang acne has a mind of its own.

After traveling for the better half of August, my skin hated me. Since I am typically working from home, I hardly ever wear makeup during the week, but being away from my workout routine and lathering my face in CC cream for two weeks straight really (really) destroyed my skin. Normally, I would take to an expensive mask and hope for the best, but this time around I decided to try BioClarity. My box couldn’t have come at a better time!

BioClarity uses natural ingredients in a 30-day, 3-step skincare detox to help fight acne and blemishes. Lately, I’m super in to natural, clean ingredients, so this regime is right up my alley. While I don’t have a crazy before and after picture to show, I can speak to how my face feels after using BioClarity’s face cleanser, spot treatment and restorative gels— and it feels pretty dang good.

Here’s how it works.

BioClarity’s cleanser—made with cucumber, green tea leaf and chamomile extract—is very similar to my go-to soap, Philosophy Purity. It’s light, gentle and foamy, and my face doesn’t feel dried out after using it (five stars in my book). After you cleanse, you use their acne fighting gel which uses a combination of prescription grade salicylic acid and soothing oat kernel extract to zap away your blemishes. This step burns a bit. Once the treatment gel has dried, you lather on two pumps of the restorative gel. The restorative gel is a green soothing gel that combats any lingering irritation with proprietary floralux, naturally derived from chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). My only hang-up is that the soothing gel doesn’t leave your skin as soft, smooth and dewy as my traditional serum and moisturizer combo would, so I probably wouldn’t use it before putting on my makeup.

In theory, you do this twice-a-day, everyday, for 30-days and your skin should be glowing.

I used my BioClarity triple-threat pack for two weeks and my chin has already cleared up (halle-freaking-lujah). I even got my brother hooked. High-fives all around for BioClarity and their kick-ass ingredients.

Snag 50% off your first month of BioClarity with the code ‘OCEAN’. You’re welcome.

xx, jordan


  1. kate says:

    love this! the only thing i would note is that if the salicylic acid ‘treatment’ step is burning, make sure you are only applying it sparingly, specifically to blemished areas and not on the entire face or any open sore – like if you pop a pimple or pick at acne, it will burn on the open lesion. if you are doing that & your face is just extra sensitive i would suggest not applying it every day.

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