August 12, 2017

Stripes + Slides

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As of late, I have been obsessing over all things yellow, subtle star prints, stripes and slides— not worn together, of course, I’m not a complete psycho.

Three months ago I thought yellow clashed with blondes, stars were tacky, stripes were to be worn on a sail boat and slides were a little too business casual for my style, but now I can’t get enough. These trends have totally grown on me. I catch myself perusing slides over sandals, and actively looking for something mustard yellow, striped or with a subtle star print— and it’s weird. It’s out of character from my usually-neutral wardrobe, but I don’t hate it.

This dress, by Amuse Society, kind of triggered the obsession. While it lacks stars, it’s a striped midi dress in that perfect golden-y yellow hue. So naturally, I paired it with my Gucci-knock-off mule slides, a black felt boater, and some layered gold jewels. I gave myself a pat on the back for this one (can you tell?).

I hope my obsession with stars, stripes and slides doesn’t run dry any time soon, I’m really enjoying the obnoxiously bold and bright, with a hint of seventies, inspired style.

xx, jordan


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