August 1, 2017

My Initial Thoughts On Austin, Texas

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If you’ve been following along, you know that my boyfriend recently moved to Austin, Texas and I stayed behind in California. While I am not ready to make the official move, I am excited to make Austin my home-away-from-home. We’re lucky in that my job is extremely flexible, so although I won’t be living in ATX full-time, I’ll be flying out frequently for extended visits.

I received an overwhelming amount of recommendations for things to eat, drink and do— so Austin had some pretty big shoes to fill. Exploring the city in its entirety will take months (and months and months), and we’ve only just scratched the surface, but here are my initial thoughts on the lone star state.

I wanted to go in to this trip with an open mind, given that I may be moving here someday. I have never (not once) considered moving out of state, I am a California girl, born and bred— but being that my other half now resides 1,700 miles away, making a cross-country move has become more of a realistic possibility (cue the anxiety). During my initial visit, I really wanted to soak in everything Austin has to offer— the culture, the people, the city and the overall vibe. So far, I’m impressed.

Coming from a teeny tiny town in Northen California, where the activities are limited and the bars are few-and-far-between, Austin is like a dream, with trendy little cafes on every corner (yes, please). From paddle boarding and water front tiki bars, to the obscene amount of live music, yummy queso and tacos— they’ve got it all. The weather is less-than-desirable, but the cute rooftop bars make up for it. Incase that’s not enough, the people here are genuinely kind, which I’ll be the first to admit, is hard to come by in California.

Outdoor activities? Check. Cute bars and restaurants? Check. Hipster walls? Check. Cool people? Check.

That being said, I am having mixed emotions (literally, all. the. feels).

This place is gold, but it’s missing two things: the ocean, and more importantly, our family and friends.

I’m not going to lie, I cried my first night in Austin— not because we were fighting, or because I wasn’t enjoying myself (I was), but because I’m torn. Being here makes Texas a reality, and the thought of potentially moving so far away from my family kills me. But on the flip side, living half-way across the country from Morgan makes me equally sad, and I know that we can’t do long distance forever. Living in Texas wouldn’t the worst thing ever, and I may even grow to love it, but packing up and leaving all of my Californians behind shakes me to my core.

Moral of the story— Austin, Texas is fantastic (I’m a big fan), but so is California. How do you choose? (asking for a friend).

xx, jordan


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