July 3, 2017

American Made

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God bless America, and all of the cute swimsuits that come with it.

While I love everything that America’s birthday encompasses— the bottomless beer, being near the water, three-day weekends and the patriotism— I’m not typically super pumped for the holiday. I could do without the crowds, cheesy decor and unattainable expectations for a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend. It’s exhausting just thinking about.

That being said, every year the patriotic apparel gets better and better, and I’m a total sucker for some subtle stars and stripes (worn separately, of course, I’m not a total psycho). Swimwear brands tend to release their initial summer collections in May, only to follow up with an even cuter, 4th of July inspired line come June. Most of which incorporate red, white or blue in to the design— which is to be expected— and I don’t hate it.

This year, I got total starry-eyed (pun intended) for Beach Riot’s American Made collection. I’ve really been diggin’ red lately, thanks to the abrupt return of Baywatch, and fell in love with their Bridget onesie. It’s red, cheeky and has the faintest hint of ‘Merica with gold studded beading in the shapes of stars. Yes, please.

My plans are less-than-exciting this year, since we just got back from Hawaii and are gearing up for Morgan’s move to Texas, but I do know one thing for certain— I’ll be by the water, rockin’ my red one piece with a beer in my hand.

Cheers to the home of the free and the land of the babes.

xx, jordan


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