June 9, 2017

My Summer Fitness Goals

As many of you probably know by now, I love the water. While I stopped competing years ago, I work in marketing for a swimwear company and spend a lot of time around the pool working with professional athletes. More recently, I’ve been attending a handful of local swim meets throughout California, watching Olympians and collegiate athletes prance around the pool with their perfectly tanned and toned bodies. I know what you’re thinking— who cares, right?

Here’s my point: it’s really freakin’ motivating.

I am a registered U.S. Masters swimmer, partly to stay in shape, but mostly because of my job. I have been bouncing around from team to team over the course of the last five years, and have taken more time off than I’d like to admit. It wasn’t until this month, after a few encounters with some killer swimmer bods and a conversation with my newest coach, that I decided I was going to start training again. Like, really training.

Coach Dave said, “I want you to jot down your short term goals, your long term goals, and a goal somewhere in-between the two.” Prior to this conversation, I didn’t have any real purpose to swim, other than the mere fact that I wanted to shed a few pounds.

It got me thinking— do I want to get a few more triathlons under my belt, do I want to be able to compete in local swim meets or do I just want to get in really, really good shape— what are my goals?

Here’s what I came up with;

Short term goals — I want to be fit (and tan). I feel like I’ve been in a cardio rut for the past year or so, struggling with various running injuries, and I really want to push myself to break through that in the pool. It’s not so much about weight, as it is about feeling good and strong.

Mid-term goals — Masters swimming is pretty chill, and mostly serves as a training outlet for adult swimmers who can no longer train with a school or club affiliation. While I do want to get back in to competing, my mid-term goal is simply to stick with it. Too often I find myself losing motivation to swim, and I want to dedicate myself to the sport this summer.

Long term goals — I am still undecided which route I want to take in terms of racing— triathlons or swim meets. I may decide to dabble in both once my training reaches a certain threshold, but my ultimate goal is to compete in the 2018 U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals in Florida next August.

I’m not reaching for the stars here— all of these goals are extremely attainable under the assumption that I train four to five times a week, for an hour and a half each day.

I don’t know why I’m blogging about this other than the fact that I need someone (anyone) to hold me accountable.

xx, jordan


  1. Cecilia Robles says:

    Reminds people of how they can break down their own goals with what they’ve loved to do their whole lives. For me its long distance running and dance. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • theoceanmindedblog@gmail.com says:

      Running and dancing are both such great workouts. Thanks for the love, lady! <3

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