June 1, 2017

Gone Coastal

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If you’ve been following along on my ‘gram, you may have noticed that I’ve been pretty hard on myself the latter half of this month. My anxiety has been at a crippling, brick-on-my-chest, suffocating kinda high and I’ve caught myself comparing myself and my relationships to those around me at an alarming rate. I mean, we’ve all been there— holding ourselves to unattainable standards set by the seemingly perfect little squares that fill our feeds. But lately, it has gotten out of control.

While the root of this anxiety is too personal to share, I’m here to talk about when it’s appropriate to be hard on yourself and when it’s time to ease up.

So today, we’re goin’ coastal (or postal— whatever).

I am a very confident person. In fact, I am so comfortable in my own skin that compliments actually make me feel uncomfortable. So why have I been doubting myself?

In addition to constantly comparing my relationship to married couples who appear to have it all on social media, and my self-worth to bikini models who live out of a suitcase, I’ve been people watching (a lot). I find myself fantasizing about these strangers and the lavish lives they must live (it’s creepy). I have started to feel envious of people I don’t even know, and it’s kind of pathetic.

Today, I shook myself out of this funk.

No one is perfect. No relationship is perfect. Social media can be deceiving. We all struggle. We all have our own issues, some worse than others. We are more than what meets the eye in a flawlessly filtered photo. We are all human. We need to draw the line between being inspired by others and feeling depressed that we aren’t more like them. We need to celebrate our own little victories, while encouraging the success of our peers.

So here I am, wearing these cute Heartloom threads, collecting seashells by the seashore— that was a really good day in my book— and I’m chalkin’ it up as a win.

xx, jordan


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