May 17, 2017

Baja Blue: The Arch Of Cabo San Lucas

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If you’re going to Cabo San Lucas, there are two things you will inevitably do; 1) drink a margarita 2) visit the infamous arch. Because if you didn’t do those things, did you even really Cabo? The answer is no.

We killed two birds with one stone by hopping on a booze cruise tour. As soon as we stepped foot on the catamaran we had a margarita in each hand, which paired nicely with the Backstreet Boys throwback they had bumping on the surround sound.

If our drinks were ever half-empty, they already had a fresh one on the way. There was never a lapse in service or good music for the entire three-hour tour. They really knew what they were doing.

The catamaran took us out to the arch at Lover’s Beach, where the Gulf meets the Pacific. On the opposite side of the point is Divorce Beach— because, ya know, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever (or so they say).

After we circled the arch, and approximately 400 photos later, we boozed and cruised along the coast to a snorkeling cove. Naturally, we were the first ones to jump ship with our snorkels in tow.

Pro tip: stuff a tortilla in a 32oz water bottle and carry it with you while snorkeling. Every time you shake or squeeze the bottle, and tortilla water comes gushing out, you’ll be swarmed by hundreds of pretty fish— which is especially cool if you have a GoPro on you.

After we got our salt-water fix, we laid out on the boat deck with a tequila cocktail before sailing back to the marina. The boat drops you off mid-afternoon at the dock adjacent to downtown Cabo, which leaves the rest of the day for shopping and nacho tasting— but I’ll save all those spicy details for a different blog post.

It was a perfect day filled with salty air, cold drinks, colorful fish, turquoise waters and the warm sun— all of my favorite things.

xx, jordan


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