April 15, 2017

Why I Decided To Stay Sober In April

I gave up alcohol for 30-days (today marks the official halfway point). Not because I was drinking a lot— in fact, I was probably drinking less than I have in a long while. With the exception of the occasional dinner with friends or work happy hour, I don’t drink during the week. And if I’m being completely transparent, I’m not that fun on the weekends, so you can rule out bottle-service and bar-hopping. I wasn’t drinking a lot, but I still felt run-down. I needed to make a change.

After traveling for the better half of February, I came back to California feeling pretty plump. Which can be expected when you are living on England’s scones and local brews, I suppose. Post-travel I was working out a lot. I do a bootcamp class 3-times a week, and I was at the peak of my half-marathon training. Theoretically, I should have been shedding pounds, or at the very least feeling healthier. I wasn’t. Instead I felt lethargic, unmotivated and bloated all the time. I was frustrated at the number on the scale. I was tossing and turning every single night and waking up tired in the mornings, even after 8 hours of sleep. I just felt off-balance.

Here’s the thing, 80-percent of your fitness goals start in the kitchen (or so they say). I was eating nachos twice a week (sometimes more), every week. I was drinking beer on the weekends in lieu of water. And I most certainly was not being mindful of my fruits and veggies. I was filling my body with junk, and it showed.

So after over-indulging throughout the month of March, I decided it was time for a cleanse. April 1, I declared my 30-day sobriety and vowed to eat healthier. Yep, a detox.

Here we are, day 15 and going strong. I am avoiding booze at all costs, more conscious of the amount of carbs I am consuming, kicking the cardio up a notch and overall, feeling really great. I’ve only dropped 4 pounds since the end of March, but I have noticed a huge difference in mind and body. I feel more lean, more aware and more motivated. I am sleeping more and anxious less. I am a lot more productive and energized. Honestly, I’m just a better version of myself.

This sobriety will be short-lived, because come May there’s a lot going on that will inevitably involve a margarita or two— my birthday, a trip to Cabo and Memorial Day Weekend in Palm Springs. But for now, I’m enjoying the lifestyle change.

Of course, Easter won’t be the same without a mimosa, but giving up the juice was a whole heck of a lot easier than I expected it to be. Detoxes for the win.

xx, jordan


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