February 16, 2017

Winter Edit: The Long Sleeve Maxi

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Almost one year ago to date, I wrote about the long sleeve maxi and why they were a spring essential. Well, today I am bringing you the winter edit. Clearly long sleeve maxis are not a thing of the past, but instead, a year around staple.

I don’t have much to say about this dress, other than that it’s flowy perfection and a winter-must paired with booties and a denim, or leather, jacket. So instead I am going to dive in to winter activities, because you’ll need someplace to wear this little number to.

Is there anyone out there that actually enjoys winter? Sure, the holidays are all sorts of magical. But once the holidays pass, and you already have a trip or two to the snow under your belt, what is left for you to do?

It’s been raining cats and dogs in California lately (like, a lot), as I’m sure it has in other parts of country. When it’s raining, you can’t brunch outside or go for a coastal hike on a cliff. You can’t go for a bike ride, or wine taste outdoors. And you certainly can’t lounge on the sand soaking up the salty sun. So what the heck do you do?

Here are five ideas for a rainy day schedule;

1) Set up a picnic inside by the fire. Invite over your bestie, or bae, and make a picnic in front of the fireplace. Grab some sandwiches, finger foods and champagne, and play a game. I love the Five Second Rule game, but Cards Against Humanity is always a crowd favorite.

2) Go see a movie. I’m not talking about just any movie theater, you’ve got to hit up one of those fancy theaters with reclining seats, a full bar, and a dinner menu. Make it a date.

3) Wine taste at home. Run down to the store and grab a few different kinds of wine, some cheese and crackers and some meats. Put each bottle in a paper bag, and play the blind wine tasting game. See who can guess the wine type correctly and keep score.

4) Netflix and chill. Snuggle up on the couch and start a series on Netflix. To kick it up a notch, invite your girlfriends over and make a snack bar; build your own popcorn bowl, ice cream sundaes, mini pizzas, or an at-home candy shoppe. Ya know, the works.

5) Get crafty. When it’s raining, get crafty. Peruse Pinterest for a couple of do-it-yourself projects you’ve been dying to take a stab at, put on a moody playlist and pour yourself a glass of wine.

What do you do when it’s raining?

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