December 28, 2016

50 Things I Wish I Did In 2016

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Now that Christmas has come and gone, the countdown is on for 2017. I’m not entirely sure where the year went, it somehow all at once feels like an entire lifetime and the blink of an eye.

2016 wasn’t a terrible year, but it also wasn’t award-winning.

We left the over-priced bay area, and moved to a quieter, slower way of life in suburbia. I got a promotion at work, but I also felt like I was standing still in my career. I started this blog and met incredibly talented women, but it still needs a lot of lovin’ and constant attention. I traveled, but I never left the United States. I ran the Disneyland half marathon, which was a total dream, but am the most out of shape I have ever been. I loved a lot, but I got angry, too.

Just like every year, 2016 had it’s pros and cons. However, there are a few things I wish I had done differently, which I fully intend to roll over in to the new year. And let me tell you, 2017 is already looking pretty dang good.

1) I wish we took a (real) vacation

2) I wish I saved more money

3) I wish I got back in to triathlons

4) I wish we looked in to buying a house

5) I wish I did more for my blog

6) I wish I asked for a raise at work

7) I wish I set more fitness goals

8) I wish I made an effort to see my friends more

9) I wish I spent more time by the beach

10) I wish I took more bubble baths

11) I wish I saw family more

12) I wish I ran a full marathon

13) I wish was more motivated to be better

14) I wish I had more patience

15) I wish I surfed

16) I wish I took better care of my appearance (mostly, my unruly brows)

17) I wish I made a bigger dent in my credit card bills

18) I wish I ate healthier (and liked it)

19) I wish I overreacted less

20) I wish I bought more bikinis

21) I wish I got a new car

22) I wish I tried something (anything) new

23) I wish we lived somewhere more exciting (by the ocean)

24) I wish I made more connections with like-minded bloggers

25) I wish I read more books

26) I wish I took a photography class

27) I wish I said I love you more

28) I wish I saw a therapist to help with my anxiety

29) I wish I kept just one plant alive

30) I wish I lived life more fearlessly

31) I wish I ate more greens

32) I wish I swam more

33) I wish I signed up for more webinars on content marketing

34) I wish I went to San Francisco often

35) I wish I asked when I needed help

36) I wish I wrote more

37) I wish I made new friends, and got closer to my old ones

38) I wish I used my coffee scrub weekly

39) I wish I stretched more

40) I wish I visited Disneyland

41) I wish I learned calligraphy

42) I wish I went to church every Sunday

43) I wish I did more random acts of kindness

44) I wish I drank more champagne

45) I wish I hosted more get-togethers

46) I wish I hiked

47) I wish I said thank you more often

48) I wish I put makeup on more than once a week

49) I wish I learned new recipes

50) I wish I did more of what made me happy

Bring it on, 2017. I’m ready for ya.

xx, jordan


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