December 13, 2016

The Holiday Survival Guide

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, little bits of magic are beginning to trickle in, which means oodles of chaos is sure to follow. You know what I’m talkin’ about—the wine flows a little faster, the to-do list gets a little longer, and the bank account drops lower than the temperature outside.

This time of year tends to be non-stop ‘round these parts. Our living room inevitably turns in to an unorganized, knock-off of Santa’s workshop, the floors are constantly covered in pine-needles and the weekly planner is busting at the seams. But buried somewhere underneath the back-to-back Christmas parties and all of the excess wrapping paper, there’s a whole lot of holiday spirit to be had. After all, ‘tis the season.

So, let the Christmas festivities commence, friends. Here are 7 ways to sleigh (get it?) this holiday season;

1) Make a list (or five) – Whether it’s a gift-list, a list of addresses you need to get Christmas cards to, or a to-do list—write it down. Jotting down notes here and there will keep you from having a merry-meltdown, trust me.

2) Have a go-to outfit on hand – When Santa rolls in to town, so does the unforgiving, busy social calendar. Having an outfit or two planned ahead of time will save you from countless hours spent staring blankly in your closet.

I’ve got two get-ups in my back-pocket; a fun bodysuit (lovin’ this little gem c/o Boutique To You) with high-waisted bells, or a flowy dress and over-the-knee boots.

3) Sweat it out – Shortest horror story ever: holiday weight. Find time each day to sweat, regardless if it’s a jingle-bell rock dance off or a 6-mile run. Don’t let the holidays leave you looking as plump as the ‘claus.

4) Tell your loved ones how you feel – It’s the reason for the season, people. I don’t care if it’s your mom, your bestie, your boyfriend or your dog—tell someone you love them today.

5) Stock up on wine – They don’t call it holiday spirit for nothin’. Snag a few extra bottles of booze prior to the Christmas-madness so you’re prepared. The more, the merrier (but, really).

6) Get festive – Even when your life feels just as jumbled as last year’s Christmas lights, don’t forget to deck your halls. Start a new tradition—buy fresh garland for your mantel, make homemade gift-tags or bake a batch of gooey Christmas cookies.

7) Treat Yourself – Have you ever looked at something and thought, “You know who would like that for Christmas?” “Me…”

Take the plunge, bite the bullet and treat your-elf (see what I did there?). You deserve it.

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xx, jordan


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